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Dr. Patrick Johnson

Greenville, North Carolina

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Brian R. Summers DDS PA
108 Oakmont Drive
Greenville, NC 27858

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Overall score given by mary on 05/02/06


mary edited this score on 12/22/06

2004 Dr. Johnson is a gum specialist. He is fair. I have been going to him almost two years. There is a lack of communication  between with staff and dental hygienes. They stay busy all the time. I am disappointed with the dental hygiene because she wasn't taken her time while cleaning my teeth. It  has make me become more tense.  The staff at the dentist's business office does not explained about their dental financial plans and they are not telling the truth. They have poor communication skills.  It is not helpful. Their prices are so high. I will not recommend to anyone. And I am looking forward to go back to the regular dentist soon.

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