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Dr. Nathan Long

Internal Medicine / tumescent liposuction
Dallas, Texas

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Cosmetic Procedures Clinic
7929 Brookriver Drive Suite 165
Dallas, TX 75247

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(214) 631-5664

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as rated by Tode
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Overall score given by Tode on 08/09/13


2011 In late 2011 I had tumescent/laser lipo on my abdomen and flanks at a cost of $3500 with an additional cost of $70 for nitrous after I began experiencing discomfort during the procedure. I had love handles and an accusation of abdominal fat that persisted no matter how much I dieted. A 600 calories a day no-carb diet over a three month period resulted in a significant weight loss, but I still could not get rid of my love handles.  Not only did Dr. Long get rid of those stubborn pockets of fat cells, but the improvement in my self esteem and sense of self was as life changing as the change in my appearance.

Did Dr. Long communicate the risk of potential complications before having the procedure? Yes. Would I do it again? Absolutely, without hesitation! It has made a profound difference in not only my appearance but my self esteem and confidence. Clothes fit properly, and I no longer get a kick in the ego when I see myself in the mirror. Granted, I'm not a specimen of perfection by any means. But I'm no longer self conscious of the bulges that made shopping for nice clothes that fit an exercise in futility. 

Considering the hundreds of patients that Dr. Long has probably treated over the years, the few complaints here don't surprise me. I have yet to see any profession that doesn't experience complaints by customers, clients or patients. It's unfortunate that their experiences were not positive. But based on my experience and the experiences of a number of individuals with whom I chatted during my visits, I'd use Dr. Long again in a heartbeat.

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