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Dr. Naomi Bloomfield

Troy, New York

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Troy, NY

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Overall score given by classicfilmera on 08/15/11


Naomi Bloomfield is the most condescending, discounting, arrogant, ego-centric b**** I've ever had for a doctor. Until seeing her, I'd never witnessed a health care provider jiggle her breasts to show me how much they grew, laugh at all of my concerns, claim to be a rhinoplasty expert (telling me that most 15-year-olds have 'nose jobs' and that having mine done was pointless), refuse to give me a physical exam (therefore how could she have come up with answers to questions about my body???), and accuse me of thinking I was the first person to walk in to her office with the particular concerns that I had (when I said nothing of the kind!!!!).

DO NOT GO TO THIS DOCTOR!! You will be treated like an insignifcant 5-year-old!!!!

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