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Dr. Nancy Van Laecken

Plastic Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery
Vancouver, British Columbia

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Plastic Surgeon
1111 Georgia Suite # 1708
Vancouver, BC

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Overall score given by anna75 on 01/18/08


1 responses to this scorecard


This was the worst plastic surgeon! I kept cancelling my appointment because I was terrified; I wanted to say no, but felt obligated. The doctor van laecken said that she would cut the xanthalasma from under my eyes, scrape it away, and after there would be just tiny thread size white lines after. I believed her, but I agreed to her just doing my right eye.

On Jan 20, 1996, a friend brought me to st. Paul's for the procedure which I believed to be minor. while on the gurney, myself being absolutely terrified and not wanting to be there, she said why not do the other eye while she's at it. She really wanted to butcher me.

After the procedure was over, Dr. Van Laecken said to look in the mirror, i would see that its nothing. Well, I looked in the hand mirror and went into shock; I saw my face with black eyes, Frankinstein zipper stitches and red blood dripping down my blue-black bruised face. I was so traumatized!!

I cried and cried and she didn't know what to do; she did just that nothing; she said she was not trained in trauma!

I stayed indoors for one and a half months after this; I believed I turned into a freak, a monster that I was afraid of. To this day, that surgery is with me every time I look in the mirror. I am reminded of the damage she caused. She changed my face; she created a bag under my left eye in particular, directly caused by her stitches on my eyes!!

I tried to sue, but my lawyer at the time said that I was too old (not even forty and looked about 25), and I was too naive to go to another lawyer for advice. I never forget this terrible traumatic time!

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Responses to anna75's scorecard

Comments by heartbloom on 08/30/16, 2:00 am

I read the last comment and realized this so called doctor, has an ongoing track record of abusive and unethical behavior. I also reconize the either overall lack of knowledge or
a sadistic lack of caring when  promoting and executing surgical procedures that cause
mutilation and deformity

my surgery was a few years ago, i only wanted fat removal from jaw and skin tightening,
however nancy vanlaeken started to promote and sell her procedures stating she had done hundreds of these surgeries

Upon the day of surgery ,I was given sedatives by her staff.then was told to sign something i could not even read so they held my hand to paper to sign.
My facial muscles severed and not connected., my face now semi paralyzed, and deformed
and without explaination....communication was discontinued
It appears my once full upper malers (cheekbones) have been shaved down I have hollows on the top of them and have challenges with my breathing, my stitches went around my entire face, neck, ears are lower and lobes sewen to cheeks, my nose has been widened
and my once heart shape face is now round , my neck and jaw once defined and strong have taken a turle appearance.

nancy van laekens comments were abusive, and in an effort to disengage communication
she blamed my vanity and stated i should focus on my personality

I also considered options to follow up, I have decided to go the way of MEDIA television,
etc.. this particular surgeon has done this to several others and walked away.
NO MORE I encourage all victims of her abuse to come together.
I am a professional in my career, and have initiated studies in law and media journalism.
I will expose this in every possible manner and my goal is to help others who have endured the abuse and act as a voice in media

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