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Dr. Nafisa Tejpar

Surgeon / breast surgery
Orlando, Florida

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2501 N. Orange Ave.
Orlando, FL 32804

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as rated by Barbara109
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Overall score given by Barbara109 on 08/07/10


2010 I loved Dr. Tejpar. She is straightforward without a lot of 'fluff', but at the same time she is kind and caring. She came highly recommended by former patients and from people I know in the medical field and she more than lived up to the excellent reputation she has as one of the very best surgeons in Orlando. She doesn't waste time. However, she took time to talk with me in her office before the exam and was very thorough in her physical exam and took time there. She also took time to answer all my questions even when I know there were people waiting. I had an excellent surgical experience with her. I highly recommend her and would want anybody I care about to go to her if they need surgery.

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