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Dr. Mukesh Lathia

Bay City, Michigan

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690 S Trumbull St
Bay City, MI 48708

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(989) 922-4900

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as rated by Phinie1963
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Overall score given by Phinie1963 on 01/13/10


2009 I am a longstanding female patient. Came here for help psychiatrywise for depression. Often I have to wait several days for what I feel is an urgent need for my depression. Sometimes I am so depressed I just cry and cry and feel I need to be seen by my psychiatrist, Dr. Lathia, sooner verses later. I resort to going to the ER if I cannot see my doctor, Dr. Lathia. There have been times that I tell him a lot about my personal life, more than he should know? Does he really need to know about my sex life or my sex drive or how I like sex, etc? Seems inaproppriate often with his lines of questioning and I wonder if he has fetishes himself? Wonder if he treats all his female patients this way? Rating: 1/10.

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