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Dr. Moses Abe

Geelong, Victoria

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Monash Ivf
18 Myers Street, Geelong
Geelong, VIC 3220

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Overall score given by concerned58 on 10/10/14


3 responses to this scorecard

2008 Dr. Moses Abe worked as a Gynaecologist in The Mater Hospital in Dublin between 2008 and 2009. This is a link to Ireland's foremost investigative magazine 'Village' who published a story about the death of Maureen Desmond and the involvement of Dr. Moses Abe in her care:
This is a link to an news story on RTE Tevision in Ireland which discusses the inquest which recently completed into Maureen Desmond's death:
Below are attached two stories from the Irish Daily Mail.
Maureen was diagnosed with a gross thickening of the endometrium (the lining of th uterus) in 2008. This conferred her with a 10%-15% chance of having cancer. In spite of this risk, when she was examined by Dr. Moses Abe in 2008 he discharged her from the gynaecology clinic in the Mater Public Hospital without obtaining a biopsy sample. 10 months later a CT Scan showed that Maureen had cancer which by that time had spread out of the uterus and into the adjoining peritoneum. Maureen died in 20011.
At the recent inquest the Dublin City Coroner issued a verdict of 'Medical Misadventure' in Maureen's death citing a range of issues.
Maureen is deeply missed by her family and friends, including her wheelchair-bound husband who is known to cry for her every day.

Irish Daily Mail 1

Irish Daily Mail 2

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Responses to concerned58's scorecard

Comments by andy59 on 10/13/14, 5:40 pm

yes, this story is all over the media in Ireland and there is a website:

Comments by andy59 on 10/13/14, 5:28 pm:

yes, this story is all over the media in Ireland and there is a website:

Comments by concernedaussie on 12/16/16, 2:02 am:

Delta Medical Centre Shepparton, Vic, Australia
Not interested in dealing with real health issues.  They resought to belittling you and can't even treat basic health issues.  They turn everything into a mental health case.  They are just licensed drug dealers. They can waste years of your life stringing you along so they can benefit from medicare payments at your expense. They try and get you to see them weekly or fortnightly but never do anything.  I've experienced trauma at the hands of two of their doctors which is too traumatic for me to detail publicly.  

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