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Dr. Mohammed Yaser Mounla

Overland Park, Kansas

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Shawnee Mission Endocrinology
Georgetown Medical Bldg-smmc
Overland Park, KS 66204

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as rated by dkc
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Overall score given by dkc on 09/08/11


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The receptionist staff is phenomenal. I couldn't ask for a better experience. They strive to help patients get seen quickly and resolve any issues.

The nursing staff was quite unreasonable. My concerns were not understood and I was told that she just had too many patients to worry about just one. My phone requests were to responded to at all. My request in person was not answered. I was refused access to the doctor, when the nurse was unable to answer my questions or give the information needed.

My doctor's appointment was quick and simple, but my questions were not answered. I felt that I was listened to, but not heard. I will not be going back to this particular endocrinologist.

Thank goodness for the relentless reception staff. They will keep my business and I hope another doctor in the office is the answer. Maybe the new doctor will be able to take care of the nursing staff issue.

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