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Dr. Mira Barman

Family Physician or General Practitioner
Toronto, Ontario

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790 Bay Street
Toronto, ON

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Year of Treatment
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Overall score given by drbarmanrocks on 02/02/07



Dr. Barman was my GP for the three years I lived in Toronto.  I was referred to her by a friend and could not have been happier with the referral.  Dr. Barman listened to my concerns, put my thoughts on things in perspective and never failed to follow-up on things requiring further attention.  She used her own knowledge combined with a trust in my knowledge of my own body to refer me for tests time and time again until the cause of an ailment was finally diagnosed and corrected.  If I said, 'Something just doesn't feel right,' she believed me and worked to find a cause and a solution.  She referred me to specialists as appropriate and even when I went in to her completely stressed about a work situation, she was very understanding and helpful in providing me with assistance to maintain my mental health. 

No matter the issue - physical or mental - Dr. Barman took my concerns seriously and actively found solutions. 


I also never had an issue getting an appointment on short notice (within the week!), was never kept waiting for more than 10 minutes and never had any issues receiving assistance with any administrative tasks (healthcare forms etc).

I give Dr. Barman and her office colleagues a 10/10 for all three years I went to her.  Now if only every experience in Toronto had been like that ;)

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