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Dr. Miguel Delgado, Jr

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Plastic Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery
San Francisco, California

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Miguel A. Delgado, Jr., MD
450 Sutter St
San Francisco, CA 94108

165 Rowland Way Suite 300
Novato, CA 94945

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Overall score given by ConnieW on 09/27/11


My sister who is 3 1/2 years older than me went to Dr. Delgado and had a facelift. The good news is that she told me how painless the procedure was and for the first time ever the anesthesia did not make her sick. She healed quickly. Now for the bad news, she looks fantastic! Now I am the older sister. We have been competitive since we were kids, and this just won't do.
The most amazing thing about her is that she looks exactly as she did 10 years ago or more, and I am her sister so I should know. Worrying about not having a natural result, if I have the surgery, was never an issue for me. Seriously though, I am happy she went first since we look a lot alike.
I had a good idea what my outcome would be and couldn't wait to have my consultation with Dr. Delgado. The consultation was a great experience. I could tell I was in good hands the moment Dr. Delgado walked into the room. He has a very warm personality and I immediately relaxed. As he talked to me, I could tell by his recommendations, I was in good hands.
Right before my 60th birthday I had my surgery. The whole experience was amazing, Dr. Delgado's whole staff are so professional and friendly, you can tell they all like working together and their goal is the patient's comfort. I am so happy with my result, I am not sure that I look younger than my sister(maybe just a little), we are both very happy and that is the most important thing. One last comment, I do a lot of international traveling and recently when I was returning to the United States, the immigration officer looked at my passport and then looked at me, then back to my passport and after doing this a couple of times I was starting to get nervous until he said, 'Wow, we are the same age, you look fantastic!'. THANK YOU DR. DELGADO!!!

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