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Orthopedic Surgery /
Las Vegas, Nevada

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Desert Orthopaedic Ctr
2800 E Desert Inn Rd Suite 100
Las Vegas, NV 89121

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(702) 263-9082

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Overall score given by frank06 on 12/20/17


2017 Dr. Miao came to me highly recommended by both medical professionals and physical therapists here in Las Vegas area, all of home know who the best of the best are. He was the second ortho I had seen for my rotator cuff tear so I knew well that surgery was  going to be necesary. Unlike the first ortho I saw, Dr. Miao spent a great deal of time  with me reviewing my MRI and xrays,  talkiing about my options.  He was very thorough and  answered many questions, leaving me completely confident that those whom recommended him to me were spot on.

 My surgery was a success, follow-up PT was excellent and I am ready  to start swinging a golf club soon. As an aside, during  my 3 month PT visits I met several others who had rotator cuff surgery with Dr. Miao. I was  surprsed to find out how many of them went to Dr. Miao to have him redo surgery that had been unsuccesfully performed by other doctors. Each one  of them said they had wished  to have had Dr. Miao long ago!  

He lived uo to my expectations and I am so thankful for having him as my ortho surgeon. 

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