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Dr. Michael Lafkas

Seal Beach, California

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Aesthetic Laser Care Medical Corp.
347 Main St.
Seal Beach, CA 90740

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Overall score given by WantedToLikeHim on 06/24/12


1 responses to this scorecard

Not given i've heard a lot of 'great things' about Dr. Lafkas.  So of course I wanted to give him a try.  I've been to several different doctors for botox,  so trying someone new wasn't a big deal.  I will say, I was impressed with the work he did on me.  However...I couldn't get a word in edge wise! When I started to ask a question, he talked right over me to his nurse talking about how great he was at what he did.  He also chomped on his gum obnoxiously!  I can appreciate confidence, perhaps even a little cocky.  Complete arrogance I have no tolerance for.  
Ultimately, the results I was happy with.  However, his bedside manner needs a bit a work!  

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Responses to WantedToLikeHim's scorecard

Comments by Forsure on 06/17/13, 1:34 am

He did the same thing praising himself and saying just how wonderful he was.  Would not listen to a word I said.  Spoke right over me.  Terrible bedside manner and very narcissistic.

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