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Dr. Michael Jon Rinaldi

Milton, Florida

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5992 Berryhill Road
Milton, FL 32570

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Overall score given by road on 04/18/06


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After waiting almost two hours (the staff failed to mention that Dr Rinaldi wasn't even there), he came in and listened to me for maybe one minute about my concerns that my son has an auditory processing disorder (a type of learning disability).  Within a few minutes he concluded my son probably has ADD, and attempted to wrap up the appointment.  I told him what I had researched about my son's possible learning disability, and he decided to pacify me by giving my son a hearing test.  After that test he decided to make me go away by telling me that there was nothing wrong with my kid and that if he had this auditory learing disability he would be obviously retarded looking and acting (which is completely false information).  I guess he figured everyone believes whatever doctor's tell them...

I see that this same doctor also does plastic surgery, so I just wanted to make this information available for anyone who is thinking of becoming a patient of Dr. Rinaldis.

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