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Dr. Michael Jeansonne

Beaumont, Texas

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3590 Blackmon Ln Suite 2
Beaumont, TX 77706

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1 responses to this scorecard
Overall Score
as rated by painfullyregretful
Year of Treatment
Overall score given by painfullyregretful on 07/22/11


1 responses to this scorecard

Not given

I agree with the negative reviews. A dentist referred me to him to have a serious root canal done. he talked me out of getting it pulled. He informed me that I had bone around the tooth that needed to be removed on top of having the root canal done. I didn't have insurance at the time so I spent over 3000 on this tooth. He informed me that he took all the nerves out of the tooth and he removed all of the infected bone. A few days later I went in because my tooth had an abcess. He told me that everything was fine and gave me an antibiotic and pain killer. A week later I returned again  and he told me the same thing that it looked fine but again perscribed another round of antibiotics. A month later I returned with the same problem, at this time he told me that it wasn't because of the tooth that it was my fault because my molars were comming in and they were pushing on that tooth. He told me that they needed to be removed and basically it wasn't his problem. He prescribed another round of antibiotics. The tooth has been bothering me for the past 5 years. It just fell out and i returned to him to see what was wrong. At first he couldnt remember working on my mouth and then he does an x-ray and tells me sweetie yup thats my work and the nerves in that area are infected. I asked him didn't you remove them and he told me apparently not but you need to have this tooth pulled because it is severely infected. Did I mention I have a metal screw that broke off and half is still in my mouth. He asked me if I wanted him to pull it right there and then because I am really sick and the infection is really really bad. He told me that it would be over a grand to remove it and i told him that I didn't have that cash right now. He told me I am sorry about your situation but it needs to be removed for your health. He reluctantly priscribed me an antibiotic. I told him that even if I had the money I would never allow him to touch my mouth again. Save your money and go somewhere else. His staff is really nice but it is not worth the money or the pain.

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Responses to painfullyregretful's scorecard

Comments by Overjoyed on 10/06/11, 4:36 pm

Horrible staff. Horrible dentist. Fat girl and frizzy headed Micheal Jackson look alike up front need to be fired. They sit on their butts all day.  Dr. is probably back on drugs and NUTS! STAY AWAY FROM THIS OFFICE.  They are desperate for money and will try any way to squeeze it from you!

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