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Dr. Michael Jeansonne

Beaumont, Texas

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3590 Blackmon Ln Suite 2
Beaumont, TX 77706

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Overall score given by cbihm15 on 06/25/14


Not given I had never had a root canal done before until today. Mike Jeansonne and His staff put Me at ease, told Me exactley what the proceedure would be like. Then He started talking about cars until the local took effect (Mike is an Awesome Dude!, don't call Him Sir).
I have had horror stories about root canals told to Me for years, I have 2 crowns that I refused root canals on because of the stories that I have heard. If I had known that a root canal could be this easy I would have had it done instead of dealing with the pain of having to wait for the nerves to adapt under the crowns that I have.

Clint Bihm

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