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Dr. Mario Bangco

Conway, South Carolina

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170 Waccamaw Medical Park
Conway, SC 29526

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Overall score given by daisypsg on 03/17/08


2008  Dr. Bangco has the worst bedside manner I have ever experienced. He is extremely thorough in his examination; however he rarely makes eye contact and NEVER once smiled. He also asked me several questions and then cut me off before I could answer. I would attempt to answer him and then he would ask me the same question 5 minutes later and still not let me finish! His office staff is a disgrace to the medical field. They are so unflexible with appointments. I got my pain medication and began taking it as soon as I got home. It made me so nauseated and then the vomiting started. I still attempted to take it for almost 36 hours just to be sure it was not a transiet side effect. It continued to make me sick. I called the office and of course got his office staff. I was in pain and could not take the meds. It took TWO days for Dr. Bangco to receive the message and then another day before I received a return call. I went three days with no pain meds!! I would not rec this doctore to anyone!!!

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