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Louann Hart

Nurse Practitioner
Des Moines, Iowa

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Partners In Healthcare Plc
1223 Center St
Des Moines, IA 50309

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(515) 244-3700

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as rated by LotsofPain
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Overall score given by LotsofPain on 08/04/16


2015 Honestly, most (95%) of all of the previous comments I have read are truthful, spot-on. I have experienced just about everything I have read in the previous comments.  The comments are not inflated in order to make Luanne and her staff look bad.  They are who they are, they act like they act, and talk to patients just like what is insinuated in the comments.  Take it in the rear like a chump or leave.  You will not be treated like an equal.  Period.  That being said, the Drake students are nice and professional.  I guess they have to be, but I do believe they are genuine. 

'Random' drug tests?  Seriously?  Random my ass.  I was chosen at 'random' month after month after month for about 2 years.  At about $1500-$2000 per drug screen EVERY month is not random, its maximizing the bottom line while holding treatment over the patients heads.  Go bancrupt or go without.  Healthcare is not their main concern.  If you disagree or question the randomness, she will threaten to stop treatment IMMEDIATELY.  The wellness of the patient is no where close of being their main concern.

I absolutely dread going to the office visits.  No one should be treated like they are 2nd rate, especially those who are paying $1500 to $2000 per office visit.

People who have been a victim of this BS 'random' drug screening should get their money back, and should not have to pay $20,000 for an attorney to do so.  Who is protecting the patient anyway?  Are only weathly people privledged to fair practice since weathly people can afford a defense?

OTC drug abuse it out of hand.  I fully understand.  So is the healthcare profession.  Who is the criminal?  Who is the victim?  Who's job is it to keep them in check?  Only the wealthy who can afford thousands of dollars in attorney fees?

If she is innocent, GREAT.  I like Luanne as a person.  Very intelligent.  I love our visits, yet I am scared to death to disagree on her random drug screening.  If I disagree again, I am surely going to get kicked out of the program.  Either sell your home for a month's worth of relief, or commit suicide.  Which is it going to be this month?  No home to sell next month.  Now what?

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