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Louann Hart

Nurse Practitioner
Des Moines, Iowa

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Partners In Healthcare Plc
1223 Center St
Des Moines, IA 50309

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(515) 244-3700

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as rated by nomorelouannforme
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Overall score given by nomorelouannforme on 11/18/17


nomorelouannforme edited this scorecard on 11/18/17

Not given I used Louann for 3 years for pain management. She would never listen to what I had to say about my pain. She just pushed pills. After she upped my dosage on one of my meds (an opiod to the level the same as 160 mg of morphine) I began to have issues with severe bruising and bleeding on my arms. Her response? That medication cannot cause that. This even when the manufacturer said right on their website and in the prescribing info that this issue happens at dosages even lower than what she was giving me.

I have in the past 18 months been able to change pain management clinics. My new doctor got me tapered off of the opiod and suprise.... I no longer have the bruising issue.

Shabby office, poor and sometimes abusive clinic staff (they will berate you if you are off by even one pill on your monthly count) and an inattentive nurse-pratioioner make this a place to avoid. And I should note that in spite of the office staff refering to her as 'Doctor' she is just a nurse. Maybe if she were to spend more time getting her practice under control, learn some decent patient-practionioner manners and quit selling houses (yes, she is a licensed realtor and employed by one of the largest firms in the area) people would give her a better rating.

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