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Louann Hart

Nurse Practitioner
Des Moines, Iowa

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Partners In Healthcare Plc
1223 Center St
Des Moines, IA 50309

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(515) 244-3700

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Overall score given by KEL64 on 11/22/15


2015 Louann Hart is the absolute worst person.  She treats you like Dirt and feels that it is your privledge to see her Majesty.  Please bow down for the great Louann Hart.  She is an expert at billing and really knows how to get the most out of you and your insurance company.  But things may be changing for Queen Louann.  She was recently arrested and placed in Polk County Jail for Medicaid / Medicare Fraud.  The newspaper indicates that she has four counts against her, two of which are U.S. Federal Government Felonies.  Take a look for yourself, but Louann is also a Licensed Realtor in Des Moines.  So she plays Nurse Practitioner by day and Realtor by night?  Really???  So who is Louann Hart?  I can tell you.  She is a mean, nasty, terrible, unprofessional person.  Do not make the mistake of going to Louann for any reason.  Hopefully the Feds have good investigators to look at her billing practices and Louann goes away for awhile.   'Orange is the New Black' may be in her future. 

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