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Louann Hart

Nurse Practitioner
Des Moines, Iowa

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Partners In Healthcare Plc
1223 Center St
Des Moines, IA 50309

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(515) 244-3700

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Overall score given by Cyco on 09/08/14


1 responses to this scorecard

2014 I have been having neck and back issues for over a decade. I recently moved and was referred to Louann by my family Dr. They called to schedule an appointment, we discussed what I needed to bring to the appointment and what time it was. I arrived with everything in hand, filled out paper work and waited in a dirty waiting room for a half an hour before my name was called. I was then walked past several examining rooms with doors closed and walked into a break, storage and admittance room. They took my bp and asked a few questions. I sat there for 40 minutes before another nurse came and asked several other questions. I have been here for 2 hours now and still have not seen the 'Dr'.  I am then led to another room and told the 'Dr' will be in in a minute. 30 Minutes later she walks in and says hi. I then asked her if this was common practice for her to have patients wait over two and a half hours to see her? She asked if I had somewhere to be? I told her that i did not but that it would have been nice to be informed that i would be spending the afternoon in her office beforehand and that I did not appreciate that. She then replied 'I don't like being made to feel like this' and she got up and left refusing to ever see me again. But she made sure to run the bill through my insurance and send me a bill:-) 

I would never have written this unless I had seen that others were dealt with in the same manner. It is ridiculous that people in pain have to go though this to get any relief.

She is so unprofessional and has no regard for others time or feelings. She needs some serious bed side training. Please save yourself some headaches, If you ever see or hear her name walk, run or roll out of there as quickly as possible!!!!!!.

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Responses to Cyco's scorecard

Comments by DESPERATE on 11/14/14, 9:49 am

Did you find another specialist? If so could you tell me who? I am stuck and need HELP!

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