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Louann Hart

Nurse Practitioner
Des Moines, Iowa

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Partners In Healthcare Plc
1223 Center St
Des Moines, IA 50309

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(515) 244-3700

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Overall score given by baffled on 03/31/16


baffled edited this scorecard on 03/31/16

Not given First things first, Louann Hart-Schaffer (real name) is not a doctor. She is a nurse practitioner specializing in pain management. Secondly, the reason she has limited office hours is that she is an active real estate agent for a major firm in Des Moines. (

Wait times at her office are terrible. I have sat for up to an hour waiting. Where is Louann? Out walking the office dog around the parking lot! No joke. Seen it myself. She hides in her office until her minions who, improperly refer to her as 'Doctor', count your pain meds and give you the third degree if the count is even off  by a single dose. When she does finally come out of her office it is for a brief 2 to 3 minute visit and then she is gone.

She is VERY opinionated and you dare not question her knowledge of medications. She knows it all. It's strange that the health issues I am having did not start until she changed my medications a few years ago to the ones she prefers to prescribe. Now that my dosage was increased to the maximum the manufacturer advises my issue has worsened. Still she refutes any idea that the drug could be causing it.

While researching her on-line I now find that she was arrested in October 2015 and is currently awaiting trial for defrauding Medicare and Medicaid for close to $200,000. (

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