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Dr. Lorn Miller

Jasper, Alabama

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The Center For Neurological Care Pc
1351 Summit Drive
Jasper, AL 35501

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Overall score given by beaver on 03/16/13


since 2002

Dr. Miller has given me better care out of 5 Dr's in his field of study, his willingness to educate you about your medical problems tahn any Neurologist out of 5 that I have chosen. His expertise and has never been in a hurry to get to next client. He has help me tremendously helped me to focus on changing my mental, fisical, and smarter way of dealing with my fiscal damage I have aquired over my entire life, unfourtunately is a lot. He is among the best of the best anywhere, and for that I'm extremely grateful that I have known and been trated by hi for over 10 years when I could have gone or chose anyone I wanted to go to. Jasper, Al., Is very BLESSED TO HAVE DR. Miller. Regardles of what anyone else may choose. Jasper is full of greedy, unhearted quakes that should be closed down. Sincerely. Dr. Miller is without any doubt the best of the best as a physician.  

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