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Dr. Lee Wittenberg

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Las Vegas, Nevada

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Apache Foot & Ankle Specialists
9710 West Tropicana Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89147

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Overall score given by Epenny on 05/18/12


1 responses to this scorecard

Not given I went in to see Dr. Wittenberg today concerning a bone spur and the pain it has been creating. It started off great with great communication with the assistant while she was getting my vitals.  When I was placed in a room the assistant came back in and said do just need to wrap it or do you really need to see the Dr.?  That was the beginning of a very bad situation.  When Dr. Wittenberg came in he already has an attitude with me and started to ask whether or not I have been icing and stretching my foot.  He actually said 'forgive me if I sound frustrated'.  He then proceeded to degrade me by asking if I remember him telling me all of this in December.  I told him I have a bad memory.  He then continued to make me feel so insignificant, demoralizing and humiliated that I sat there in awe.  After realizing how I was being treated I began to put on my sock and sneaker to get out of there as soon as I could.  I have never been made to feel this way in my entire life by anyone.  Stay away!

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Responses to Epenny's scorecard

Comments by XDrWife on 03/08/17, 4:49 pm

I saw Dr. Wittenberg today.  I had seen him for the first time a week ago when he bandaged my leg due to an ulcer.  After removing the bandages he began to clean the ulcer and the skin around it. The pain  from the procedure was so intense, that I had my hand over my mouth trying not to scream out. I just couldn't take it anymore I was begging him please just take a break for a second please stop. When he finally  paused, he  then began to berate me telling me how he has so many patients they don't scream out, they don't experience pain like this.  I sat there sobbing not saying a word and he said if I couldn't control myself,  if I didn't like what he was doing, if it was hurting that bad maybe I should seek out another doctor.  I was in total shock this was like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type thing. I then said to him that what he was saying was  terribly inappropriate and rude. He did not apologize he simply left the room and provided me the name of another foot and ankle specialist. Just a little footnote, I was married to and work for a doctor for 10 years.  He never spoke to a patient in the manner that I was spoken to ever !  I don't know if this doctor has the 'little man syndrome' or a chip on his shoulder but I will never return there ever !

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