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Dr. Lata Bansal

Orlando, Florida

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2909 N Orange Ave Ste 109
Orlando, FL 32804

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as rated by caveatemptor
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Overall score given by caveatemptor on 09/21/06


caveatemptor edited this scorecard on 12/29/07

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2001 My mother saw Dr. Bansal when Mom was in the ER.  Mom had a stroke, had been sent home by Dr. Buchi Reddy (see rating for him), and the day after he discharged Mom from the hospital, I called 911, as Mother was in the process of having another stroke. Upon Mom's arrival in the ER,  Dr.  Buchi Reddy wanted to call in the same neurologist (Dr. Erik Aragon) whom he had called in during Mom's first trip to the ER (I will rate him also), and we refused, as he was a horrible doctor. We asked that another neurologist be called in, and   thankfully, Dr. Bansal was  the neurologist my mother saw.  She gave Mom a very thorough neurological exam, and was very honest in saying that she didn't think that her stroke was caused by a neurological problem, but that she didn't know what was causing Mom's problem.  While Dr. Bansal was examining Mom, I was watching Mom's heart monitor and noticed that her heart rate was very erratic.  I asked Dr. Bansal if she thought that Mom's problem could be heart related, and she said that it could, and that we were entitled to have a cardiology consult, but because of hospital protocol, she couldn't call a cardiologist in, it would have to be Dr. Reddy. (please see rating for him, we had to fight with him in order to get a cardiology consultation.)  I was so upset that I began to cry, and Dr. Bansal took me aside, put her arms around me, and told me how sorry she was that she couldn't help me by calling in a cardiologist. She allowed me to look at Mom's chart and explained anything about which I had any questions.   After Mom was hospitalized, Dr. Bansal came to see my mother.  Surprisingly,  my mother never received a bill from this doctor for any of her services.   Dr. Bansal is very thorough, very humble, and very, very compassionate.  We need more doctors like her.  I highly recommend her.  She's a great credit to her profession and to the human race. (since we have never been to her office, I have only rated her, for obvious reasons)

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