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Dr. Lata Bansal

Orlando, Florida

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2909 N Orange Ave Ste 109
Orlando, FL 32804

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3 responses to this scorecard
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Overall score given by Tamara on 05/15/09


3 responses to this scorecard

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2009 I just left Dr Bansal's office. I have been treated with cluster headaches. This is a very painful headache. She looked at me like I was a liar. she was very rude I paid cash $225.00. She took my money for a 25min visit. She did not even take in consider of my pain. I have contacted channel 6 on your side . This is what out health care system has come to. No insurance I saved money for weeks for this appointment. She did not even care. Told me I need a head doctor Telling me Iam crazy. So I feel she stole from me. If she knew she was not QUALIFIED to treat me then why did she take my money and make a appointment to see me. She was not qualified in the area. Where did she go to school. Where did she get her manors. She needs to be reported to trhe better business bureau. I will do this. I hope nobody has to experience what I just went thru. People don't see Dr's for nothing!!!!!!!. So I just thru away alot of money for nothing.

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This scorecard was voted helpful +1 times

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Responses to Tamara's scorecard

Comments by caveatemptor on 05/15/09, 1:50 pm

While I can appreciate your frustration, I am astounded because from what I saw of Dr. Bansal when my mother was hospitalized, she was one of THE most compassionate and caring doctors/human beings that I have ever come in contact with. She never even charged my mother for seeing her in the hospital, and that is the first time that has ever happened.  She is a specialist, and specialists, as a rule, do charge more for their time, so for her not to have sent Mother a bill was certainly out of the ordinary.  Even though Mother was not her patient, she stopped by to visit her when passing Mom's room.  I'm sorry you had this experience with her, Tamara, but this is certainly the complete opposite of the experience we had with Dr. Bansal.

Comments by BK55 on 07/16/09, 7:42 am

I had an absolutely awful experience with this doctor as well. I have been having horrible occipital nerve headaches for over 3 years and nothing has helped. My step mom, an RN for 25+ years, recommended I see a neurologist since chiropractic care and various other methods of treatment have done nothing. Dr. Bansal gave me a basic neurological exam, then told me that all she could do was prescribe migraine medication. She offered absolutely no explanation as to what could be causing my headaches-- neurological or otherwise. She never cracked a smile, never introduced herself, and had the worst bedside manner I've ever encountered. When I asked if an MRI would offer more insight into my problem, she just said 'I'll order an MRI if you really want one.' There was no actual answer to my question, and I'm positive she wrote the prescription for it just to shut me up and get me out of her office. Thank god she was in my insurance network and I only had to pay $35 for her services, although I would demand a refund if I thought it was a possibility. If you're considering seeing this doctor, I would highly discourage it.

Comments by RNTK66 on 11/14/16, 2:27 pm:

Tamara, you are absolutely correct. She is a waste of time and is obviously having someone write the good reviews. It is simply not possible for her to be competent and thorough enough. Smiling is not even necessary. Just listen and help me figure out what the issue is. I am a nurse myself and simply hate going to the Doctor's office. She blatenly called me a liar. Again, I should have known it was too good to be true. A good neuro doc can take months to get in. I called this morning and got in immediately. She is terrible!

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