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Evilution of Man
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Dr. Lata Bansal

Orlando, Florida

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2909 N Orange Ave Ste 109
Orlando, FL 32804

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Overall score given by RNTK66 on 11/14/16


2016 This physician is a horrible individual and I am emabarrased that she is a part of an organization that I speak so highly of. I cannot believe that she is on my provider list. She basically called me a liar when I said that I had blood work done. Increased medication and ordered physicial therapy with no testing done. She did not want to hear my complaints, which are concerning and are many. She was rude and condescending all at the same time. Her office looks as horrible as her attitude and with that attitude, she will remain right where she is. I am so sorry that I wasted my copay and my time. She had a same day appointment and I should have known better than to this lady. Personal issues all over the internet that explain her disdain for life. She told me that I was depressed! She is a joke.

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