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Dr. Larry Nichter

Plastic Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery
Newport Beach, California

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Pacific Center For Plastic Surgery
3991 MacArthrur Boulevard Suite 320
Newport Beach, CA 92660

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949 720 3888

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Overall score given by brightdays on 01/28/11


2010 Lite Lift – Late 2010
So glad I discovered Dr. Nichter and trusted him to perform the procedure that took away all the wrinkles, sagging and jowls from my neck, chin and jawline!!  I'm very active and only felt old when I saw my face in the mirror.  Now I look as young as I feel!
The best part of my surgery is that I went through it with ease with only the local anesthetic Dr. Nichter injects to numb the areas around the incisions. I'm not able to tolerate most drugs and after explaining my concern to Dr. Nichter I was able to go through the entire procedure without taking any Ativan. Not only did I breeze through the surgery but when it was over I was alert with no side affects from drugs. If you're concerned about taking any type of drug like I am, Dr. Nichter understands and with his extremely careful and gentle nature during surgery it's very easy to go through the Lite Lift without Ativan if you prefer. The evening after the surgery I took Extra Strength Tylenol to manage the discomfort as the local wore off. My healing process has gone remarkably fast. The sutures were well hidden and I experienced little to no bruising.  A few days after the procedure no one even noticed that I'd had surgery. As early as that point I was extremely pleased with the results. If you are looking for a highly reputable, skilled and leading edge plastic surgeon, if you want to literally take years (no exaggeration!) off the appearance of your neck and jawline, and know that if you chose, you have the option to do it without a single side affect from drugs, then I can't say enough to highly recommend the Lite Lift and Dr. Larry Nichter.  Don't be wary of the price.  I researched and received consultations from a few other surgeons I felt were high caliber and their fees were far too much for me to afford. I always believe you get what you pay for and don't 'settle' for anything but the best when it comes to medical attention. I can assure you Dr. Nichter is every bit and beyond the caliber and credentials of other plastic surgeons. I am delighted with the results of my Lite Lift!  Dr. Nichter, Stephanie Hyman, Surgery Consultant, and Dr. Nichter's entire staff are outstanding.

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