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Plastic Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery
Greenbrae, California

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350 Bon Air Road Suite 1
Greenbrae, CA 94904

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Overall score given by CASP on 08/09/10


7 responses to this scorecard

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Dr. Henry Is Suing Posters on This Site

There has been publicity recently about a lawsuit filed by Dr. Kimberly Henry against 12 posters for comments they made about their experience with her on the review sites,, or Her lawsuit asks for a court declaration that every post is “defamatory and libelous,” an injunction ordering that the posts be immediately removed from the Internet and prohibiting the defendants from publishing “any defamatory statements about plaintiff or her medical practice,” and more than a million dollars in damages.

(See, e.g., ,

The California Anti-SLAPP Project ( has obtained a copy of the Complaint and the First Amended Complaint in this case, Henry v. Does, Marin Superior Court Civ. 095020, filed September 30, 2009. The lawsuit lists 12 Doe defendants, suing them for posts they made under the following screen names: RUINEDMYLIFEFOREVER, herman212, Alexa B., Deirdra C., HotMama, Kbarron, michelle, realgirl, desha, Drkimbrlyhenryalert, Kbarron, and kaia.

If you are, might be, or know or might know, any of said posters, and would like to get a copy of the First Amended Complaint, please contact us at

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This scorecard was voted helpful +2 times

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Responses to CASP's scorecard

Comments by Blogger2 on 08/09/10, 12:00 pm

I work with Dr Henry and part of the problem is that people like you post things that have nothing to do with the website. This is a website for reviews. Is this a review? No. OR They are sharing lies about Dr Henry. Storys that are not real and never happened or are grossly exagerated. Why dont you CALL THE OFFICE with your problems rather than hiding behind a screen name?

Comments by CASP on 08/12/10, 4:32 pm



As we wrote in a previous post on August 9, 2010, Dr. Kimberly Henry is suing several former patients for claims relating to the negative reviews of her services they posted online.

California law protects people from lawsuits that are merely brought to intimidate and silence critics, which these claims may be. The law particularly protects discussion of an issue of public interest, like the quality of medical care, that consumers engage in when considering treatment and practitioners. Some individuals who file lawsuits effectively bully their critics, but we encourage people to stand up to these tactics and defend their First Amendment rights. Prospective clients and patients should have more than advertising materials at their disposal when considering treatment providers, and consumer reviews provide a valuable public service.

Below is information about a reprimand that Dr. Henry received from the state Medical Board.

On July 12, 2006, the Medical Board of California issued a Public Letter of Reprimand to Dr. Kimberly Henry. It stated: 'An investigation by the Medical Board of California revealed that you purchased and administered to yourself and approximately 40 patients Type A Botulinum Neurotoxin, distributed by Toxin Research International. You failed to inform the patients that the botulinum toxin you were using was not approved by the Food and Drug Administration, was for research purposes only and was not intended for human use. These actions are in violation of California B&P Code section 2238, violation of drug statute/regulation.'

Please contact our office for a copy of the reprimand. 510.486.9123

Comments by Scars on 09/18/10, 7:29 am

Dr. Henry not only butchered me (and I have the hideous scars to prove it), she defamed me to staff and denied me medication in order to 'punish' me for having surgical complications. 

Comments by M.Santos on 10/05/10, 7:30 pm

Someone told me that CASP is representing Dr. Henry.  Is this correct? 

Comments by Josf on 10/11/10, 2:43 am

 Re: CASP (

In response to some inquiries, and to clear up confusion, “No”.  Dr. Henry is NOT being represented by CASP.  CASP should not be representing anyone. 

In California, only licensed lawyers can represent citizens in civil litigation.  CASP is not a lawyer or law firm, not licensed as such, and therefore can not carry malpractice insurance for the benefit of any customers who may have relied on their unlicensed legal advice.  CASP is like these “citizens groups” who form to advocate higher or lower alimony and child support payments.  As noted from the CASP website, it is a special interest consumer advocacy group formed to advocate laws designed to test the true intent of those who are suing or asserting counter-claims.
Legally, CASP can not be just a “front organization” for lawyers trying to snag some business. That would be allowing lawyers to do, indirectly, what the rules of professional conduct do not allow them to do directly.  Both the American Bar Association Canons of Ethics and the California Rules of Professional Conduct for attorneys have very stringent rules by which lawyers can advertise or otherwise solicit business.  If an attorney were reaping pecuniary gain by having  CASP  serve as a fictitious identity for him/her, the penalties against that attorney would likely be so severe that no competent lawyer would engage in that foolish conduct.
Not only are there prohibitions against unlawful advertising and solicitation, but by concealing his/her true identity, very serious questions arise under California’s Consumer Remedies Act. That activity is tantamount to the fraud of concealment which carries its own set of penalties. 
It may be that CASP has qualified as a legitimate lawyer referral service; however, I did not see that from the CASP website.  To investigate this point on your own, the California State Bar Association should be contacted at:  Also, the California Bar has a potentially help FAQ at:
Irrespective of whether Dr. Henry did something wrong or not,. anyone who has suffered an unsatisfactory result from plastic surgery is doubtlessly experiencing pain and anxiety.  This makes them fragile to begin with; and, the last thing they need is to get linked up with some organization who wants to exploit them or some lawyer who is not up for the job. 
Anyone looking for counsel would do well to contact their county bar association and ask for the referral panel.  If that does not work, then contact the county bar association for the surrounding counties and ask for someone who handles litigation in your area.  It is prudent to have “local counsel” appear in the “local courts”.  

To learn more about 'Dear Abby' type blogs within the legal community, insightful articles appear on the site. 

Comments by sammy95 on 03/27/11, 10:11 pm

Thats interestig. I was butchered by a New Jersey doctor that was reprimanded by the medical board for adminstering the same stuff on patients that wasn't approved by FDA.
Shows their standard of care.  We should be able to speak about bad experiences about doctors. Maybe if the doctors stop blaming the patients for their actions and give us refund so we can go to another surgeon to fix their mistakes, there would be less negative responses. 

Comments by eyesavvy on 03/28/11, 8:13 am

Get Real!!!! Who could ever respect the comments of one of her employees.

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