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Dr. Kimball Crofts

Plastic Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery
Lindon, Utah

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Aesthetic Plastic Surgery - Kimball M.Crofts M.D.
385 West 600 North
Lindon, UT 84042

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Overall score given by kjones on 01/19/11


2011 I picked Dr. Crofts because of his reputation and his website.  There is no doubt that my case of breast reconstruction presented the Dr. with one of his greatest challenges.  Following a double mastectomy in 1985 I received breast reconstruction surgery in a teaching hospital in California.  Rather than using known methods - the team in this reputable medical school performed experimental surgery that ended in a complete disaster for me.  I was only 34 and traumatized.   I have lived with severely disfigured breasts for 25 years because I thought they were unfixable.  Dr. Crofts took this on and the result is truly amazing.   He is no less than a genius and an artist.   I can only give him my highest recommendation - I can never repay him or the difference this has made for me.

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