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Dr. Kevin Schlessel

Columbus, Ohio

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Columbus Arthritis Center
1211 Dublin Rd
Columbus, OH 43215

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(614) 486-5200

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as rated by RissaMariae
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Overall score given by RissaMariae on 07/13/17


2016 Dr. Schlessel was the most unkind doctor I have ever seen. I have heard good things about him for treatment of RA and, although I did not have any known autoimmune process going on, I was having severe joint pains for seemingly no reason. I sought out Dr. Schlessel because his website said he specialized in a variety of joint issues and because I had read some good reviews of him. When I met with him, the care I received was the complete opposite of what I expected. The first thing he did upon walking into the room was to look at my medication list and say, 'so... you have anxiety... do you worry a lot about your health?' I told him I do get very concerned, but only when there is cause for concern. He proceeded to tell me about psychosomatic pain and his suggestion for me was to read a book he recommended about psychosomatic illness so that I could see how my anxiety and other factors were just making me believe I was ill. He had not even examined me before going straight to this talk of basically saying that everything I experience is all in my head! I assured him that I am a nurse and that I am quite knowledgeable on psychosomatic illness, but that I was in very real pain and I came to him in search of answers because he was supposed to be an expert in joint pain. He then examined me briefly (my primary care doctor did a more thorough exam when he was evaluating me for the same issue) and consluded that there is nothing wrong with me & I should really read the book because he thought it would help me. I continued to insist that my pain was very real and I told him I did not feel he was taking my concerns seriously or that he even cared at all. At one point during the discussion, he actually asked me what it was that I came in hoping to be diagnosed with! He said, 'well you're a nurse, so you must have already come up to some conclusion of what you think is wrong with you? What diagnosis are you hoping for?' I replied by telling him that I have looked into all sorts of things, but I do not have a single lead as to what I thought it might be since I am not particularly knowledgeable about rheumatology. I told him I had hoped he could provide that perspective rather than ignore my concerns and tell me that everything I experience is all in my head and I feel it because I believe that it exists. By the end of the visit, I was in tears & he asked why I was upset. Again, I told him that I did not feel he cared at all about my problems and he did not seem to have any interest in helping me find the cause or get better. I told him I felt humiliated by him and I perceived him as someone who sees himself as superior to me and does not actually have any desire to help me. To that, he responded, 'well I am just trying to be honest with you because you work in the medical field, and my professional medical opinion is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you that any doctor would ever treat except maybe fibromyalgia... which, what is fibromyalgia? We don't even know what it is! I suppose I could prescribe a bunch of pain meds for you, but you're already on a bunch of meds anyway.' I responded that NONE of my meds are pain meds, that I do not want to get any pain meds, and my sole reason for being there was to try and find out the root cause of the widespread joint pain I was having. I left there crying uncontrollably and feeling so upset and hopeless that I wanted to give up on ever finding out what is wrong with me.

Fortunately, I did not give up, even in spite of this horrible experience with Dr. Schlessel. Later on, when I went to my genetics appointment, I was diagnosed with a genetic disorder that causes widespread joint pains as well as a number of other (seemingly unrelated) symptoms I had been having over the years. Additionally, I have since had 3 other doctors who were knowledgeable on this disorder and also evaluated me for it and came to the same conclusion as the geneticist.

Dr. Schlessel was absolutely 100% wrong about me. If I had given up after hearing that news from him, then I would have never learned my true diagnosis and would not have been able to seek help with my symptoms to work toward a better quality of life with less pain. I know there are some patients that Dr. Schlessel manages really well, but just be prepared and know that, if you go there, you have a 50/50 chance that he will help you or even take you seriously at all. I wish this were not the case, but I truly cannot say one single good thing about him because he treated me so poorly and made me feel like the lowest scum on the earth and an idiot for even seeing him to begin with.

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