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Dr. Kevin Dann

Dentist / Dental anesthesiology
Elizabethtown, Ontario

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Urban Dental Care
23 Park Ln Suite 111
Elizabethtown, ON 42701

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2 responses to this scorecard
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Overall score given by mufasa on 07/05/07


2 responses to this scorecard


The doctor was a swindler. He behaived as if dentistry is a Gypsy's bargain.

My child was put asleap and I was sent to the waiting room till the dentist was about to take the x-rays, after which I was promissed to be invited in to discuss needed works.

When I asked to prioritise treatment for my 3-year old, he said everything is important even pit and fissure sealant (which is an optional thing). The total bill summed up to 4,500 $ and I brought the kid just for an emergency tooth expraction. The insurance I have hardly covers one fourth and the doctor knew about that. The doctor assessed that every tooth needed treatment and was rude and told me: 'if you do not want, I will not take the infected tooth out. Mind every day one patient in Canada dies of an abcess'.

How would you expect a mother to react to this kind of statements? I agreed to everything he proposed. I feel ripped off and my trust in dentists is lost forever.  After my arguing the dentist added 3 additional units of anestisia compared to the assessment 2 hours before.

Do not take your kids to Kevin Dann, 1235 Bay street, Suite 305, Toronto. He does not practice medicine. He does business.

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Responses to mufasa's scorecard

Comments by smithm on 02/09/09, 8:57 pm:

mufasa,i have nothing but a deep sorrow for you ,more over i feel that what youhave paid for your child`s treatment is more important to you than the fact that Dr. Dann was trying to help your child.....than you should be questioned how good of a mother you are if your child ended up with dental infection.
My family have been patients of Dr.danns for 5 years and thanks god he is around.My younger son was 3 and he didnt let my old dentist to even touch him for a check up.Dr.Dann put him under,did his cleaning and full exam and sure enough my son had a small cavity.he sealed his teeth ,someting you considered optional for your child.My child changed all his teeth without  having any cavities after.
 Yes,you are right that the treatment with general sedation  is pricey,but there`s no price for my kids health.
I have nothing else to say to you,but to all people that LOVE their children.Dr. DANN is the best place for your children`s dental work.SAFE,PROFESSIONAL,DEDICATED AND VERY CARING.

Comments by katmacpay on 08/02/16, 2:53 pm

To be honest, I find this VERY hard to believe. I've gone to Dr Dann for over 13 years and would't DREAM of letting anyone else touch me.This also extends to my daughter. He's great with kids, (my daughter adores him), his staff is wonderful and, if there's ever been an emergency, we've NEVER had to wait.

It's unforunate that your childs teeth were allowed to get to this point at all, he's there do to what's best for patients and, in this case, that's your child. 

If you want someone who's going to lie to you about the severity of work to be done, I'd suggest finding another, less caring dentist. And, he's 100% right, people (especially small children) can get very ill from an absessed tooth, not sure what you were expecting him to do there. Again, lie to you I suppose. Since when is telling the truth being 'rude'? Obviously only when that's not what you wanted to hear.

Yes, he's more expensive than a GD but, that's what you're there for. I'd rather pay for anaesthesia once, get eveything done at once, as opposed to having to subject a 3 year old to multiple visits to correct a single problem.

Yes, it IS a business, but Dr Dann and staff care about their PATIENTS first. 

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