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Evilution of Man
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Dr. Kevin Crawford

Orthopedics / Hand Surgery
Lubbock, Michigan

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Lubbock Sports Medicine
4110 22nd Place
Lubbock, MI 79409

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Overall Score
as rated by suziem
Year of Treatment
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Overall score given by suziem on 10/13/09


suziem edited this scorecard on 10/13/09

2005 & 2009 Dr. Crawford did two carpal tunnel surgeries in 2005.  My expericence was great. Minimal pain, quick recovery, I was back to work within two days with each surgery.  I recently had scope surgery on my knee and had virtually no pain and quick recovery.  I did not even have to take a pain reliever.  My total expericences with Dr. Crawford have been exceptional.  I would recommend him to my family and friends which I have done and they have been satisfied.

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