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"Under no circumstances may physicians place their own financial interests above the welfare of their patients."
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Dr. Kenneth David (Ken) Fryatt

Occupational Medicine
Airdrie, Alberta

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Scooby Lane Health
9705CC Huoston Whitney Suite 104
Airdrie, AB

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15 responses to this scorecard
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as rated by lollita
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Overall score given by lollita on 03/17/08


15 responses to this scorecard

This scorecard was voted helpful +1 times

2005 Dr.Fryatt proved to be an extremely pleasant doctor. I had injured my back at work, I am a massage therapist and I am very familiar with back injuries and how to deal with and identify them. I injured my back lifting a box of files improperly, the box probably weighed near 20 kg's. Well I was sent to doctor Fryatt and I found him to be nothing but pleasant, the advice he gave me was sound...and since I had a real injury I had no problems receiving my WCB settlement.

I would have no problems recommending this doctor to my friends.

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This scorecard was voted helpful +1 times

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Responses to lollita's scorecard

Comments by ChairmanMoo on 03/18/08, 12:40 am

Yes, I agree. Dr. Fryatt is a prince in his own right. He does princely things like feeds the poor and clothes the needy.

Comments by Brian on 03/18/08, 1:03 am

You not smart. Dr. Fryatt bad bad bad man. I didn't get my money, biotch, because of that Dr... I was really injured, at least that's what I told him. He had no reason to think that I wasn't injured, and actually I was injured, now that I think about it, I really was.

Now I'm lying here in a hospital bed after another botched suicide attempt, living on white bread and Vegemite (my cousin in Australian does a little importing and exporting of this crazy stuff, it's the only thing that keeps me going).

Comments by Brian on 03/18/08, 9:28 am

Hey wait a minute I thought I was Brian?  That poor bugger has alot of people using his name.  Anyhow, it wasn't a surprise to see atleast one person stick up for Kenneth Fryatt.  I mean after all if you are aiding in having someone die and making money for it someone has to stick up for you right.  20 kg's wow!  He must have liked you then!  Cause the real truth is Kenneth Fryatt examined an MRI showing a disc herniation and told someone to go back to the rigs and keep lifting 250lb sections of pipe.  Now it's your turn to listen up mother fucker Fryatt!  I'm joking!

Comments by Brian on 03/18/08, 9:33 am

How can you kill whats' already dead? lol hahaha  I'm soo fucking scared of you bastards upstairs who rip people off for your large salaries.  You know where i live so come and fucking get me if you pricks are right.  Or wait maybe you are scared of my mag pies?  What do i do with shitty pesty mag pies?  Get it quick you fucking pricks I will never back down to you life ruining bastards never!  I will find justice oh yes mark my fucking word I will!

Comments by Brian on 03/18/08, 9:58 am

This whole page has been blown out of proportion.  But hey we're not the doctor!  I like doctor Fryatt too.  Its' amazing how much compensation you can get when you give in to have an example out of you.  That way the rest of the compensation board can hide behind your story to completely eliminate past claims that just may be relivant to recieving compensation.  The moral of my story is when you are willing to suck it; they will let you suck all you want!  Ya, go Kenny!  You are a hero!  wooooo

Comments by Brian on 03/18/08, 10:56 am

Dr. Kenneth Fryatt, I realize that you ignore, manipulate and look at underprivelaged people as scum.  Thats' very nice you give a few cans of soup and some clothes to the needy.  Now I am learning from you to steal from the poor and give a little back to the very poor so I don't look bad and can pretend I am some prince of healing in my own mind.  Is this the work of Columbia Rehabilitation Cen?  The real truth is you are worried about loosing your medical liscence and I have nothing to loose.  If you could have just been honest with me and told me I will go crazy over the next 3 years with embarassment, neglect and bad health, I wouldn't have a passion of hate towards you.  I gave my all on the rigs was injured badly and ignored for over 3 years because of your 'write off' medical examination you performed for the WCB.  You are ruining my life but hey I'm just about done being mad!  You are the devil Fryatt and thats' what you spread.  You have been raised and educated to steal for the medical corporations.  You send people on a never ending battle for proper health, write prescriptions for injuries that can't be healed and have absolutely nothing to do with the injury.  Dr. Kenneth Fryatt I know what you do and there is only one way to make it better isn't there?  Here's a small fucking hint-  BE HONEST  I still don't think you get this message so I'll carry on with steps for you to be a good person.  1) Think about the effects of your brief 'write-off medical examinations you perform for the WCB and what those crooked examinations do to the patients who are putting trust in you; in hopes' of healing properly.  How do we feel when you are sitting in your high chair smiling of all the dollars you have made from these examinations?  This page is only one example of actions your intentional, inconclusive reports generate.  Do you even remotely care of the patients mental health while being put through the intentional altercations and neglect of time you sanction on ordinary people?  How can you compensate for trying to ruin someones life?  3)  Maybe you can have the corporation; whom you perform you gracious acts of doctorism, cover the stripped human rights you have been set up to perform.  4)  How do you plan to hide behind numerous, sophisticated MRI scans and nationally recognized back specialists?  Seems like the only choice you have left is to hire someone to have me medically terminated.  Here's your choice in numerical sequence. 1)  make it all better  2) or not  

Comments by Brian on 03/18/08, 11:14 am

My name is Brian Michael Smith and if I am shot or killed in my home, I want the ordinary people to understand why!  It's not because I am a conartist or a thief its' because I want to see everyone live equally and stop being controlled by the real thiefs who only want to make life better for themselves.  I am done giving examples of degrated health and crying that I am in such bad health.  Sure, I did it to myself but I sure as fuck never asked to be slowly killed by the WCB and their associates.  I was proper back fucked from working on rigs thinking i am making this great country of ours prosper or atleast help out.  Now that i can't lift 250 lb sections of pipe I have been left to die with no prescriptions well NOTHING from the WCB.  I want to be a sales person I want to be a guide I want to live a normal life.  But I can't.  NOW YOU FUCKING TELL ME WHY?  pitter patter you fucking pig meat!

Comments by lollita on 03/18/08, 11:21 pm

Well I also only weigh 105 pounds. My work does not generally involve lifting. For me 20 kg's is a lot.

Comments by lollita on 03/18/08, 11:22 pm

Well I also only weigh 105 pounds. My work does not generally involve lifting. For me 20 kg's is a lot.

Comments by ChairmanMoo on 03/19/08, 1:02 am

Why don't you become a pig farmer? Open a pig farm, but let the pigs do all the work. Put some pigs on cleaning duty, other pigs on feeding duty so on and so forth. You could be a millionaire within 3 to 5 years. Study The Dog whisperer, and use the same techniques on the pigs to train them, of course pigs are much more intelligent than dogs so it should take a much shorter time.
We could call you the pig whisperer, or possibly The Pig Barron of Calgary.
Then with all the money you would be making on your pig farm you could buy the BEST lawyers, like Johnny Cochrane, and sue the shit out of WCB so you could get the few thousand dollars owed to you.

Comments by Brian on 03/21/08, 11:38 am

Thanks Lolita but I'm not looking for a date.  Johnny Cochrane, right on, works for me!  Thanks Mooing Chair  It seems that dogs make a bloody mess of everything; then when they smell real bad it's hard to get them clean.  Those little oinkers don't miss a thing; well actually they do!  Apparently the regulations and laws don't allow pig barns around the city.  The natural urine and fecise smell could contaminate the fabric of some peoples' clothes.  Then of course its' the farmers' fault if they should happen to accumulate a sneeze that never happens!  Imagine what Kenny would do if he saw the shit?  He'd probably shit, lol.  Thats' right you fucking piece of shit; now whos' laughing!  You want the old wild west Keno?  Fight your own battle pussy!  I'm here come and get me come and finish this little bastard who is threatining your medical liscence.  Dr. Mouse!

Comments by BrianMSmith on 04/06/09, 1:56 am

Its feels pretty damn good to know I am correct in this instance of work injury.  If I was to have listened to Kenneth Fryatt and presumed with pre accident work I could very well be in a wheel chair or paralized.  All of my medical treatments have proven to be innefective, work denied, health deteriorating rapidly and surgery upon request.  I cannot claim responsibility for others disguising their name as mine, although would like to appologize for rude comments made.  I know I am entitled to a large sum and request this in a timely fashion.  Have a nice day!

Comments by brinette on 10/28/09, 10:03 am

dr fryatt rocks.
you folk who talk like you barely made it out of grade 1, really make no sense.
there is more to your claims then you are saying and you know it. be honest with yourself.  you cant pick and choose the information that you give to people.
if you had a legit WCB claim then you would be looked after.
so face up to your shananigans and stop bad mouthing a Dr. who is upfront and honest.
If you had a real injury and wanted your 'large sum' -- first off read the WCB policy as there is no Large Sum at the end of a claim.  You are talking about a PCI - I assume, and that is if you have permanent injuries and if you cannot go back to your regular job you will get assessed 2 years after your surgery or date of accident. READ THE WCB POLICY.

Comments by screwbywcb on 01/23/10, 1:35 am

Dr Fryatt should loose his licence he only does it for the money. He does not have an opinion he writes what ever the case worker at wcb tells him, to he just wants to get paid. He does not care if you ever walk again why do you think he works at lifemark that is owned by wcb. The people making good comments about him work for wcb do you think were stupid you should be ashamed of yourselves stay off these sites.

Comments by Tuck on 05/19/16, 11:25 pm

Dr. Ken Fryatt. - I lost my job. Still have severe back pain but thanks to you and your 'specialist' it is appearly faked. How do you sleep at night? 

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