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Dr. Karen McNeill-OConnor

Redmond, Washington

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Smile Artistry
16150 NE 85th
Redmond, WA 98052

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Overall score given by kipperdog on 09/27/09


kipperdog edited this scorecard on 09/27/09

2009 I am taking the time to post this because I have been a patient of the doctor's for almost 5 years now. I felt the negative post by another person seemed to only potray bad elements. I want to offer an alternative perspective.

Dr McNeill O'Connor is a bit more expensive then some dentists I've been to, but the quality of work is excellent. And frankly, with dental work, I don't think cheaper is always better...but if cost is the #1 concern to you, certainly check prices before visiting.

I've had routine (cleaning) procedures and dental needs that required referrals to other specialists. The doctor & staff makes you aware of options to improve the quality of your smile and bite, but its not a hard-sell. If you don't want it, just say no or ask for less expensive alternatives.

I am also a bit dental-phobic, and get anxious around the needles and drills. The staff there is 100% aware and supportive each time I visit, and do their best to help me relax. Thanks to a recommendation for a special desensitizing toothpaste, I can now even have cleaning without needing shots of novacaine. The toothpast is about $40. Is it worth it? OMG - yes! (Besides - $40 supply lasts a year.)

Finally, I had four front teeth replaced several years back. The doctor did an amazing job matching color and making them look just like my own. For 40 years I was self-conscious about by crooked front teeth when I smiled. No longer...and even after all these years, they still look and feel fabulous.

The negative post by another person frankly sounds like a disgruntled deadbeat. I can understand if you were unhappy because it was more expensive than you expected, but you are an adult, its up to YOU to check and manage your insurance coverages ahead of time. To simply walk away from your financial responsibility like that - when no real fraud or misrepresentation has been committed - is just wrong.

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