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Dr. Kamal Kabakibou

Pain Management
Atlanta, Georgia

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Center For Pain
Howell Mill Rd
Atlanta, GA 30327

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ELLIJAY,GA., 30540

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3 responses to this scorecard
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Overall score given by Gracie_wolf on 01/18/10


Gracie_wolf edited this scorecard on 01/18/10

3 responses to this scorecard

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2007 thru current

I come to check in from time to time to see if there are any new posts.  I've been seeing Dr. K for about 2 and a half years.  Without getting caught up in drama, I'd like to make a post that describes him and the quality of care he gives.

I have several health issues and all but one of them contribute to my pain.  Dr K has looked at that and not been afraid to treat me.  He has always treated me as a person, not a number.  The statements in other posts about him recalling your family members are true and he always asks how things are with them. 

He has done epidural lumbar injections for me three times and each time has helped. He sent me home with a tens unit that I use often.  He has adjusted my medications when needed. 95% of the time, he is singing and joking with his patients making the day better for people that have a lot of pain. 

I am generally kind of cranky and not easily pleased nor do I like people easily... but I genuinely like Dr K. I also like his PA's.  I have seen two of them and I'm not sure but I think there are others.  The two I have seen have been just incredible. I'm not sure of ones name but I do know Elizabeth and she is one of the most professional and kindest people I've met.

You will get professional treatment from a team that does care about you. Even the person that takes payment is very kind. I've never had a problem with anyone in his office nor have I had issue with making appointments.

There can be a wait sometimes... not all of the time... but sometimes there really is but that is because he travels to a small town each week which is where I have mostly seen him and the need is so great here that he has a lot of people to see that one day.  In the few times that I have been to his Atlanta office, I have not experienced a wait so I can't say what happens there.

Dr K walks into the room smiling and making you smile... then settles down to your treatment.

He is accountable to the DEA, so you can expect random urine tests if you are prescribed strong medicines. But for those of us that live with pain daily, handing over a cup of urine just isn't a problem.  I have seen it be a problem for some people and they do get dropped.  Why would anyone have a problem with that unless there was something ugly going on?

I think he is an excellent doctor and that his PA's are incredible. There is a continuity that I haven't seen in a lot of other practices.  That alone speaks volumes of their respect for him.

I hope this helped...

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This scorecard was voted helpful -2 times

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Responses to Gracie_wolf's scorecard

Comments by GlindaWitch on 01/18/10, 5:19 pm

 Ok Gracie - I appreciate your opinion 'I'd like to make a post that describes him and the quality of care he gives'  but your statement is just that - your OPINION - not anyone else's.  There will be drama on nearly all 'opinion' content driven websites.  It just comes with the territory.  While I'm happy you rate your experience as a 10 please know that there are many others on this and other sites that have not enjoyed the same level of care you describe in your post.  I have been in pain management for over 12 years and have been cared for by three doc's during this time.  In comparison with Kamal, my other two doc's provided far superior care - hands down.

Comments by Gracie_wolf on 01/19/10, 7:04 pm

I find it amazing that you continue to remark on every good post that is made about this physician.

I don't know what exactly happened to you... but it's been a very long time.  Part of a sign of good mental health is the ability to let things go.

During all these past years, I have received nothing but quality care. 

I wish you good luck... and good health.

Comments by Virginia_Rebel on 10/07/10, 6:07 pm

Urine testing is fine, but to charge athousand  bucks when these tests cost under three hundred bucks is robbery and to do it every month even when a patient has never failed a single one and has been seeing him for over 5 years, its about money with KK now. DEA does not require testing like that. Check it out for yourself. Ask your insurance for a detailed copy of his may be surprised.

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