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Dr. Kamal Kabakibou

Pain Management
Atlanta, Georgia

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Center For Pain
Howell Mill Rd
Atlanta, GA 30327

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ELLIJAY,GA., 30540

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11 responses to this scorecard
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Overall score given by Virginia_Rebel on 10/07/10


Virginia_Rebel edited this scorecard on 10/07/10

11 responses to this scorecard

This scorecard was voted helpful +5 times

2004-2010 I have seen Dr KK utill july of 2010 when His PA, Elizabeth dismissed me. My wife and I both saw him for over 5 years. KK was a good Dr. But for the last 1.5 years he had changed, KK left all my pain care in Elizabeths hands, She admitted to me that she knew nothing about withdraw from narcotic pain meds. Once I lost my insurance they treated me like crap and allowed me to suffer and go into withdraws. If the PA dont care for you she will p-test you every visit and charge you a thousand bucks each time. I dont know what happen to Dr KK but he has changed and I would not reccomend him to anyone. For years I thought of Dr KK as not just my doctor but as my friend, always brought him gifts back from our vacations. KK needs to stop and take a good look at himself and that one PA and how they treat patients today, its not the same way he did years ago, if he dont he will continue to lose patients and recieve these negative reviews. I will say Secrete at the front desk and his one PA Cathren are very kind and understanding. The KK from years ago was also kind and understanding, I`miss that Dr KK.

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This scorecard was voted helpful +5 times

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Responses to Virginia_Rebel's scorecard

Comments by trophystriper on 11/15/10, 3:02 am

Test I posted twice none posted

Comments by trophystriper on 11/15/10, 3:27 am

I was first seen by a nurse then a lady I think is a Dr.I ended up being asked questions to 3 different people not Dr. KK
I accidently said Oxycontin (which I was on for several years) when talking to this lady, I think she is a Dr. I quickly said I mean Hydromorphine. They asked for a urine test which I gave. I have seen Dr. KK since 2000. I haven't had trouble with Elizabeth till my last appointment. She came in the room and got right in my face and accussed me of buying Oxycontin off the street and asked how many drug stores I was going to. I told her just my local Walgreens. I was laying there upset and I step out of the room and Elizabeth was at the desk. I said can I please talk to you in the room. She came in the room. I said Elizabeth first of all I am a true Christian and I am not going to break laws by buying drugs off the street. 2nd. I understand their postion and that they are under guidelines and I have been coming here since 2000 (when Dr. KK took over. I started at The Center for Pain Management in 1995 when they were at the hospital) and I am not going to do anything to get booted to the street. She said they didn't want to boot me out. She told me to go to the front and make my next appoinment, which I did. They told me to wait in the waiting room for my pain medications scripts. When I looked at it without disscussions Elizabeth cut my pain medication in half.
 They know from all my urine test I have not taken anything but what they prescribe. All drug stores are tied in the computer so you can't go to another drug store and get double medicines or get them early. I am still upset her getting in my face and accussing me of something I didn't do and they know it by my urine test. I don't drink or take street drugs or someome elses medications.

Comments by free_radical on 12/03/10, 4:18 pm

I had similar experiences with Dr. Kabakibou aka 'KK'.  I started seeing him sometime in 2003 and he was extremely sympathetic and helpful.  I referred my friend to him, she was suffering from MS, and he helped her (at least at first).  His office started to expand and I would often see his PA.  They were all nice and friendly and generally a decent provider -- except that there were regularly extended waiting times to see the doctor often hours past the appointment time. Eventually the tone and atmosphere changed.  I found KK to be extremely happy and kind on some visits and then alternatively moody and needlessly kirt with me on other occasions.  Also, I started to notice errors on my scripts (and this was of particular concern to me because I am a medical professional, so I can read scripts but other patients cannot do so).  I would regularly have to ask them to correct my prescriptions and wondered how many errors may have gone unnoticed by other patients.  Later, I found errors in my medical records and even found my friend's medical records mixed in with my own.  Furthermore, I found basic facts to be completely wrong...medical records are permanent and errors can be deadly.  Eventually, I decided to go elsewhere after billing became an issue -- they were asking me to pay twice (once out of pocket and once with my insurance company) and  they were not ever able to reconcile their accounting.  Honestly, I believe the errors were all honest mistakes.  Unfortunately, I found that the overall attitude and perspective of the staff and KK had changed.  I would definitely recommend the doctor I saw in 2003-2005 but now I would not be able to recommend his practice.  It's just to disorderly and not patient-oriented enough.  I hope they can improve and find their way back to the way things were.

Comments by LadyG on 12/06/10, 1:08 am

Unfortunately, I think the Dr KK of long ago that you could trust, rely on and call a friend is long gone... sad I miss him. I have been going to another clinic for about 6 months now. I have to go every two weeks, but that doesn't bother me much since I live half an hour away. However, I do miss the camraderie I had a few years ago with Dr Kabakibou, Catherine and the rest of his staff. I DO NOT miss the fear of having my meds cut every month though, or being abused by Elizabeth!

Trophystriper and free_radical: Did you post scorecards of your own for Dr K, or just comment on Virginia_Rebel's? It is important that you post a scorecard of your own so that you can rate Dr Kabakibou and so other prospective patients can read your experiences. You can make your own scorecard for him under 'create scorecard' at this link:

Does anyone know what happened to Dr K's PA of a few years back? I think her name was Leese although I am not spelling it correctly. I really miss her and wish there were some way to get in touch with her just to say hello.

Comments by LadyG on 12/06/10, 1:33 am

This is for Trophystriper, or any other patients of Dr KK who are still taking Elizabeth's abuse: I hope you are not going back to Dr Kabakibou to take more abuse. There are plenty of clinics out there who will give you the medication you need without the mistreatment. First, get a copy of your records from Dr Kabakibou's office. Tell the front desk you need them for insurance purposes or were in a minor car accident and are thinking of suing and your attorney needs them. Honestly, when I got a copy of mine they did not ask why I needed them at all. I just asked the records department for a copy, they charged me the money and then sent them to me. Make a few copies of the records they send to you, one should remain yours. Next, use google and websites like this one... Search for a few good pain clinics and doctors in your area. Get three good ones, make appointments and bring along your medical records. Be sure to get records from a year back from your pharmacy and bring those with you also. Try all three if you need to before you pick one. But don't put up with Elizabeth's abuse any longer! You are paying them, not the other way around! Good luck!

Comments by Virginia_Rebel on 12/06/10, 1:57 am

His original assistant  Leese is in New  York...she left years ago, I liked her. I wonder what happened to KK he has gone off his rocker.........Elizabeth and him let me go thru withdraws bad.........I lost my job and insurance and coldnt afford to pay for the oxycontin....I filled 10 of them to hold me over for a few days.....and even after I brought her proof from my pharmacist and she even called them to make sure....all that witch would say was I gave you enough....

And on your records...most docs now wont accept them from you, they have to get them from the doctor......its getting bad here in Ga with abuse from patients and Doctors.

I really hated writing a bad review on KK but he can blame Elizabeth....well honestly he can blame himself for not looking into things hiself.......last time I saw him he was wiped on pain meds his self..he had a cast or something on his ankle/foot......just saw him one month before I lost my insurance, although being kinda fast with me he wasnt all that bad...but after that he was a Mr Hyde........i WOULD CHECK YOUR INSURANCE....he charged mine stuff they did ot do. He must be getting a lot of new patients to allow so many to be dismissed or just leave due to abuse from Elizabeth.......we should file a complaint with the Ga Medical board on oth of them.

Comments by norcalwgfan on 12/28/10, 12:50 pm

I filed a complaint with my insurance company that he is charging them $975 for a 'complete 9 panel urinalysis' when it's one of the $10 5 panels parents use to test their kids and it is never sent off for gas-chromotography - BTW, I am completely against drug tests; if you trust me enough to have as a patient, then why treat me like a parole officer?  You're only going to catch marijuana smokers.
He also charged them for an extra spinal epidural (from The Pavilion Spinal Center, which him and his wife own - how convenient it's right next door!) he never did.  Nor did he disclose the fact that he has a financial stake to Aegis Labs in Chattanooga, home of the $1000 (ahem) $10 drug test.  He did disclose that tidbit when I first started seeing them (12/08), and when I asked about it that little piece of info it  disappeared from the sign-in sheet two weeks later.  VERY shady practices.  I hope to bring him down.  Thank God for my primary care doctor I told my PCP about the problems with Kabakibou, and he agreed that the PA (who told me I was 'addicted to marijuana') were overworked and making people mad.  I'm now taking 100mg MS-Contin  twice daily with 3 15mg OxyIRs for BT pain, works fine.  The family doctor doesn't think twice; he knows my pain history, has 4 MRIs on file, and he knows more than anyone else about my situation.  Happy New Years and I will post my review to the ScoreCard and email a link to the front desk!

Comments by Virginia_Rebel on 12/30/10, 3:43 pm

My wife left prior to them getting a chance to dismiss her, Elizabeth kept saying she took meth, thats a bunch of crap, she was prescribed Adderall from he Primary Doc and that was after KK's Pa gave her a script to help keep her awake, but she got bad side effects after taking the med one time so we flushed them down the toilet. Next visit she explained this to the PA, and the PA  told her to go to her primary Doc and thats wht she did, she was diagnosed with narcolepsy, my wife could sleep anywhere anytime, growing up they nicknamed her comma, ok to make a long story short, my wife had no problems with the drug tests untill winter time and she got a cold and would use Vicks inhalers to help her breath with this cold....well then on the p-test she tested positive for Adderall which should have been in her chart, we always told them when our family or my heart doc changed my meds and vice a versa.  We got a letter from our pharmacist, printed info out on false positive tests......Elizabeth then said Adderall is not prescribed for people who have problems like narcolepsy. Point is this, his people are the ones who first gave her meds for problems like narcolepsy.
Here is the kicker they were mad cause my wife after taking Elizabeths abuse for several months she did change doctors for pain management. I stayed with KK, but then Elizabeth started asking me questions about my wifes new doctor, which was no longer any of her business. I had hurt my knee by slipping on some ice, I went in to get a cortisone shot, I would get them for my damaged ankle when I needed...she didnt read my chart, she wanted to give me a shot that would have costed my insurance a few grand each shot and I would have had to come in once a week for 3 weeks. These shots are like last resort before surgery and when cotisone wont help.....she never looked into my chart to see I never had any injections on my knee and after I told her I want to try cortisone, she was pissed....and that was the start, soon after I lost my job and yall know the rest.....its about money...not care.....

Comments by OutOfPain on 09/22/11, 12:50 pm

I dont know about other people's opinions, but I have been seeing Dr. K for the past 7 years.  My life was miserable until I met him.  He took the time to listen to me and did not brush me off like other doctors had been doing for the longest time.  He was able to get me on medication that helped my pain but at the same time did not drug me up.  I was able to go back to work without any problems.  I dont know what I would have done without him!

Comments by hurtinjoe on 01/10/12, 11:04 pm

been a patient of Dr. K for over 5yrs now,... Brought him every record from all my neck & back surgeries, all script records, detailed letters from 3 Dr.'s I had been seeing in FL., outlining all procedures & meds since1993, (what works & what doesn't work), brought CT's & MRI's less than a year old, etc. - had every avenue covered.  He had to start by repeating every test possible, while giving me meds that 'he thought I should be taking' !  Long story short, yes, he was a great,caring Doc 5 to 6 yrs ago,... Moody most times, but he seemed to care - especially after seeing that his 10 prescribed meds didn't do 1/4 of the good that just the 2 meds I was taking for 10 years had done!  He still insists on doing procedures that don't work, but try finding a decent pain Dr. Who doesn't think you're there just for the drugs ! I am so pissed-off at those druggies that have ruined pain management for those of us that really need it !!!
  In short, walk carefully with Dr. K.  -  he's a different doctor every month, been that way for 5+ yrs that I've been seeing him. (I'm no kid either - 56 yoa w/ documented injuries) !

Comments by Tama on 03/18/14, 4:36 pm

I do agree wit all of you guys and galls. They dropped me and would even give me a reason why. I pinched a nerve in my shoulder, I have always wondered why, mane they thought I just wanted drugs or that I had n insurance or something. I may have been to the doctor this one time in the past six years. But I was hurting really bad so a friend talked me in to going there and they dropped me after the first visit  . I do not appreciate the way I was treated I have never done drugs  nor drink and never will . But I can tell you I would not recommend any one to go there even if the bill was paid in full

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