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Dr. Kamal Kabakibou

Pain Management
Atlanta, Georgia

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Center For Pain
Howell Mill Rd
Atlanta, GA 30327

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ELLIJAY,GA., 30540

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4 responses to this scorecard
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Overall score given by troyboy on 03/20/06


4 responses to this scorecard

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several years

I would not go to this doctor.  His office staff is rude, the wait is forever, and he gives you only 3 minutes.

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This scorecard was voted helpful +3 times

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Responses to troyboy's scorecard

Comments by dovyaveeed on 08/01/07, 10:28 am

I am the retired Chief of oral Medicine ans Surgery at St. Jude Children's Researcg Hospital. Referred to this Dr. Kabackibou by a delightful, well oraganized and concered Orthopidist to be forst treated emperically using both cortisone injections into the epidual space of my lower spine and additional shots adjacent between L-i and l-4. Told that his office would phone me for an appointment. Not hearing a word for 5 days and reporting this to my Orthopidist, I finally received a call from his office and assistant. Told that he could see me  (I had no calander infrount of me) on Monday July 29 at 7:30AM. If not then, I would have to what until mid august. I chose the former. Given expicit direction as to time and place to report, I realized that 7/29 was a Sunday. Logic told me she simply made a mistake as to the date. Unable to get intouch with any one I reportd to where I was told on Monday July 30 at  &:30 Am. Additionally and at the request of my orthopedist I had an MRI done at Piedmont Hospital on Satuday July 27th. In addtion I had all my recent MRI placed on CD 's so this disorganized, brazen arrogant doctor would thus have before him not only several up to date MRI's of the area to be injected. I had furthur assembled inorder my complete history arrange in a logical and progressive order to make his review easier.

I was given not only the incorrect date. I was aslo given incorect information as to his office where he does not procedures at all. Unable to get any response by telephone I proceed as instructd to his office at 3193 Howell Mill oad suite 326. On the door the sign sid we had moved to suite 317. This door was loked. Perhaps I made a mistake in the time. Although when being given diretions i record them. Unable to reach a soul I wen to the cafe to have a cup of coffe and wait until the 9:30 time this office was supposed to open. All this time I kept dialing this occife. His telephone menu was not difficult to break down as to where I was able to gain his cell phone numberr. This took me an additional 45 minutes. Finally he returned the page. Explain the disinformation given tome, he made an exuse and told me I was to report to Emort Adventist Hospital in marietta. Notr: I was in excrutiating pain and had but two hiurs of sleep. I proceeded to the hospital whoseonly relationship to Emry University and thus being alloed to use the name Emory was and is the fact that emory for 10 % of profits from any hospital grants the use of the name Emory. promised by him that he had arranged everythng and upon my arrival he would meet me in 5 minutes and bring me up for the procedure. No where in sight I was made to wieght 45 minutes and then given forms to fill out. The firt form asked me to sign a statement thatI had been given this hosptital prifacy agreement. I told the young lady that I could not agree to sign a document as I had not seen it. Promising me she would make a copy immediately, after 30 + minutes I requested to see the Hospital administator. A lovely women, I told her I still did not have tis form. She had it and placed it before me in less than two minutes. Nine pages in lenght I begain reding it. By page three i had made note in the margins siting federal Satues that in my experience and opinion we bording of deceptive trade prectices and violated ederal quidlines. A lovely women doing her jb I pointed out to her what I considered number ways this hospital with motive of forethought had thee motivation and intention of illegalybilling Medicare. her suggestin  and reminder that what I was asked to sign was that I received the document. I feel safe to stae that one is given a dument to read.

next came a reques for me to sign an admission form. I reminded her i was not there to be admitted to this hospital, tha I was an outpaient. her response was tha 'we use the same form for each. Agaun and after reading this I told her this was incorrect and by signing what was request i woud be givung permision that i was never ever told I would give away as it pertaied to both tis hospital obligations o me; note to mention it gave then carte blance permission of so may violations of my righs to privacy, I simply could not in good conscious ign this document. negoting, we arrived at what I thought was a logical solution. remenber this doctor was to have met me and brought me up for the procedure. Now 11:00AM I am brough up to the fllor and placed into a hospital room. His assistan saked me who was to drive me home? i beg your pardon, what are you taking about. Told that I would need hours of recovery from the anesthestesia, I informed them that i could not be given ant straigh opiate as I was taking buorenorphine for my pain . if given an opiate it would precipitake instant opiate with drwal symptoms. Finall the dotor graces me with his presence as i attempt to explain the methods of action of the pharacology involve. Additionaly and in our first conversation I simply and with nothing but to find out exactly what he was certified to practice i asked off the shouder if he also was an orthopedic surgeon. His reaction was not at all what I expected. For he , bega

Comments by jennabuzz on 12/17/07, 2:54 pm

Your use and understanding of the English language are atrocious.  Perhaps, my dear sir, YOU could possibly be the problem? 

I stopped reading your pedantic diatribe after the first paragraph simply because it is utterly ridiculous and impossible to understand.

Comments by Wattsbar5 on 11/15/10, 2:56 am

I have seen Dr. KK since 2000. I was told late this summer that Elizabeth could be nice or mean by this lady in the waiting room. I said she has always been nice to me. That was till my next appointment. First I saw a nurse who asked my questions then a lady I think is a Dr. I had a slip of the tongue talking about my pain medicine and mentioned oxycontin, which I used to be on. I quickly said I mean Hydromorphine. She asked for a urine test which I gave. Then Elizabeth came in the room and got right in my face and accused me of buying Oxycontin on the street, then of drug store shopping which all the drug stores are tied into the same computer and they know when you got what. I went and got Elizabeth and asked if I could talk to her a minute. I told her I was a Christian and wouldn't break the law by buying drugs off the street, they know this by the many urine sample I have given. I said 2nd I wouldn't do anything for them to have to not see me. She told me to go to the front and make my next appointment. I did and they told me to wait in the waiting room for the pain medications scrip. I looked at it and Elizabeth had cut my pain medication in half with no disccussion.

Comments by Virginia_Rebel on 12/28/10, 1:05 pm

I Use to look forward tom seeing KK we would talk about the wife and my vacation, about family, I felt as if he was a friend. He was a great Doctor at one time, I wish I knew what had changed with him. I really liked him, I did find out the PA's didnt document when I explained in detail what was happening when my conditon got worse, I have filed for disability because I can no longer do the things I could before the dismissed me, So I need to see another Doctor who will document my condition, but cant ubtill they send my records. I went to one clinic after being dismissed but they wanted ya to come back 2 weeks,and I couldnt afford 350 a month and pay for meds, My heart Doc is great he understands and gives me samples every month, I even got approved to get my pain meds free when I lost my insurance but Elizabeth would not send the script to the company who made the meds. I could afford to pay KK cash once a month but Elizabeth changed it to come back every 2 weeks.....I did that for a few months and it drained my bank account......I think she enjoyed watching me suffer. I should have listened to my wife and changed docs 8 moths prior to jan.2010. I just thought KK would handle the problems seeing how the PA's work for him....or is it the other way around now.......I saw KK's wife one time and she was a sweet lady.I would of seen her if KK was busy. I post alot here but ya have to understand what they put me through and I hate to see it happen to anyone else.........I could go into details but it would be a book.

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