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Dr. Kamal Kabakibou

Pain Management
Atlanta, Georgia

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Center For Pain
Howell Mill Rd
Atlanta, GA 30327

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ELLIJAY,GA., 30540

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2 responses to this scorecard
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Overall score given by anonymous on 08/15/14


2 responses to this scorecard

2001 I have seen this man for many years & seen the staff come & go. He has changed so much he is not fit to be a Doctor.
Many people say the same thing & I am tired of the false positive test, hours of waiting, & never knowing what side of him I will get.
He has put two pain pumps in me over the years & seen me go through life saving surgeries always with complications.
He is milking my issurance company & my husbands pocket. There was a time i cared about him but, now he is evil.
He has left me with no script two diferent ttimes Which meant no oral meds until my husband drove to Atlanta 68 miles one way to get
my scripts. Went for my appt like usual in Ellijay & not once but twice forgot the pump medication.I can go on & on but this is my
problem today I have no medication and i'm trying to find a new Dr I refuse to go back to him after all he has done to me. Never again will he spit in my face because as he said 'I cheated on him' yes I went about it the wrong way but I tried to see a diferent Doctor he found out & while yelling at me calling me names he spit in my face.No wonder the patient that Elizebath discharged for whatever reason went down got his gun & went after them both.Remember if you don't set up arangements for automatic debit payments every month twice a month he jacks with you.
Plus now he test his patients drug screens & if he wants you gone he can do anything he wants because chain of custody is broken & it sounds like
legaly conflict of interest. He is so diferent now riddles, rude, I think like his old PA Elizabeth hes bipolar or taking pills something is wrong with this man. And when my pump goes dry he can pay the insurance the $35,000. I sure hate the way his new pit bull Iesha  treated me yesterday.
My attorney is being updated on the latest BS from them and I will let EVERYONE know the out come.

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Responses to anonymous's scorecard

Comments by JammingJelly on 08/17/14, 3:02 pm

To Anonymous..
I really feel sorry for U an wish I knew how to get hold of U.. We being me an my husband went thur if not worse stuff with Kabakibou an Elizabeth.. she was the devils daughter.. he is the devil him self.. we seen him for 15 yrs an when hubby lost his job.. it turned out to be terrible for both of us.. Elizabeth spit in my face called me foul names an lied saying I wa on meth.. I was shocked Dr. K even told her not me on them drugs.. I wont go into all details.. U can read it for your self on the next page an 3rd one after that.. If U need a good doctor some how contact me.. leave me your e-mail.. I promise U my new doc is wonderfull.. He had no problem helping me out an when I first seen him.. I was scared but went back two weeks later an he had no problem  fixing my meds.. especially being in pain management..
I so understand what U have been thru an feel for U.. please leave a e=mail for me.. every time some one comments on Dr. K I get e-mails letting me know.. If U really need a nice new Dr.. U can even leave your attorneys name an number so We can contact U an help U out..
U can send me a e-mail so I can contact U.. I know U R scared as we were but He needs to be taken out as a doctor... doctors dont do the evil things he has done to us an so many others.. I told him one day GOD will take his business away an he will..
 Please send me a e-mail an after we talk U can even change it if U are that worried.. Im truly trying to help U out..
May GODS Vengence be upon Dr. K an his staff....
     Just Trying To Help U out..

Comments by JamminJelly on 08/18/14, 12:04 pm

Waiting to hear from U anonymous

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