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Evilution of Man
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Dr. Kamal Kabakibou

Pain Management
Atlanta, Georgia

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Center For Pain
Howell Mill Rd
Atlanta, GA 30327

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ELLIJAY,GA., 30540

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Overall score given by jrh on 12/11/07


1 responses to this scorecard

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I have seen Dr. Kabakabou for almost 4 years now. He has been unfailing in his compassion towards me.

After reading the other negative reviews and felt compelled to defend Dr. Kabakabou. I have never experienced any of the 'arrogance' that others have attributed to him, and would have to wonder if these patients have come to this erroneous conclusion after being unable to coerce him into giving them medications that they did not need, or allowing him adequate time to explore their pain issues and arrive at a solid conclusion.

 He is knowlegeable and was able to focus in on the exact cause of my pain, whereas others had simply taken a 'shot gun' approach.  Dr. Kabakabou looked over all my previous records, then scheduled some additional testing on me. He came to a different (more focused) conclusion than my other physicians had, and his diagnosis proved to be correct. He was then able to focus appropriate treatment on the 'offending' area. He has treated this pain quite effectively with a mixture of therapies which include injections, blocks and pain medication.

To fairly balance the tables though, I will add that his office staff is not the best I've encountered. In my observations, I feel that this may be the result of a lack of management. I have not observed anyone on his staff that would suggest that there is any solid staff leadership. They do their best, but don't seem to have anyone leading by solid example.

In conclussion, my thanks to Dr. Kabakabou for making my quality of life significantly better than it was 4 years ago.

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Responses to jrh's scorecard

Comments by SugarMagnolia on 12/20/07, 11:23 pm

After reading your comments, I can't believe Mr. Kabakibou (not sure if he's really a doctor, so will revert to calling him mr. for now) treated you with so much 'unfailing' compassion.  Guess he's been getting your money for 4 years, he probably doesn't want to lose a good thing, huh?  I personally take offense to anyone who assumes I'm one of those people who is just trying to get medicine to sell to crackheads or use it to get high or something.  As a matter of fact, I REFUSED to take some of the crap he tried to prescribe to me because it had morphine in it!  MORPHINE, YES, which I refuse to take when there are several choices in between OTC tylenol and morphine, I'm sure!  And as far as giving HIM adequate time, that is laughable.  He hardly had time for me OR even respect for the time I had waited to see him - WAY too long for a less than five minute office visit!  I felt like I should have gotten a refund on my $30 copay due to his inability to CARE.  Well, I'm glad he made your life better - good luck with that.  He just wasted my time and caused me to be in pain longer than necessary because he wasted my time.

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