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Dr. Kamal Kabakibou

Pain Management
Atlanta, Georgia

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Center For Pain
Howell Mill Rd
Atlanta, GA 30327

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ELLIJAY,GA., 30540

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4 responses to this scorecard
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Overall score given by jennabuzz on 12/17/07


4 responses to this scorecard

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I was referred to Dr. Kabakibou by my orthopaedic surgeon.  The surgeon was honest enough to tell me BEFORE I decided to have surgery, that I would still wake up every day in pain, it would just be a different type of pain.  This is why I went to Dr. K, to help to MANAGE my pain. 

I will readily admit that his office staff needs some direction and yes, they can be quite rude at times.  The signs on the windows, doors, walls, etc. really need to taken down...most of them are negative.. 'don't knock on the window', 'don't leave brochures', etc.  All of this can be explained by a PERSON, in a not-so-rude manner.

His P.A. is quite friendly and intelligent.  I have nothing but positive remarks to say about Dr. K's wife - I have seen her several times since she joined his practice. My husband has been seeing Dr. K for many years and it has taken him a long time to develop a joking rapport with the doc.  Perhaps it is a language barrier... it has taken me many visits to be able to understand if he is kidding or not.  Do understand that this doctor is a very serious doctor who deals with individuals who sometimes may be trying to beat the system in order to get pain meds (NARCOTICS!).  Also, there are people out there who sell their pain meds.  Dr. K will drug test you in a heartbeat if he suspects this of you.  I don't blame him - he doesn't want to lose his license.  As one poster said, he asked 'who will take care of my wife and children?' (if he makes a mistake)?  He has a full-time staff member just to do drug testing/urine tests to make sure that people really have their pain meds in their system.  Look at Dr. Phil Astin, (the doc for wrestler Chris Benoit) he was placed under house arrest and filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy and is facing charges for overprescribing medication.... Perhaps this will explain Dr. K's cautious behavior.

Dr. K does not spend a lot of time with you, I do believe that he is understaffed and overbooked, but I don't think he is ARROGANT at all.  In fact, the poster who stated that she felt sorry for the 'uneducated' individuals in his waiting room is the ARROGANT one.  Neither I, nor my husband are 'uneducated', but one needs to consider that most people in chronic pain are perhaps dealing with a permanent injury from work, a car accident, a serious health condition, etc. and may not appear to be the richest people in the world.  But what can you tell just by looking at someone in a waiting room?  It is arrogant to look at someone and assume that they are poor or stupid!!!  Dr. K has never treated me rudely, and has seen my husband on several occassions when we had quite a large outstanding balance, which he has allowed us to pay at our own discretion.  Quite the opposite of rude or arrogant.

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This scorecard was voted helpful -2 times

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Responses to jennabuzz's scorecard

Comments by SugarMagnolia on 12/20/07, 11:48 pm

I've had tons of experience with doctors (not so much with myself, but with my children and my mother who suffered from a terminal illness) and I can spot arrogance when I see it.  No language barrier in my situation; as a matter of fact, I couldn't believe that he couldn't think of anything better to say that what he did.  I saw PLENTY of people come running through the front door, right up to receptionist to sign a clipboard and get a handful of prescriptions and leave in a matter of a minute or two.  I know there are people out there just trying to get their hands on pills to get high on or sell to people.  It looked as though it was pretty easy to come in and sign out some prescriptions!  Another thing, I don't care if you call yourself 'Dr.' or not, I don't believe everything I hear and take that information for granted.  I am VERY picky when it comes to the health of myself, my children or anyone else in my family.  I am NOT wealthy or arrogant.  I'm just being honest about the situation that occured with me and what I saw going on around me.  There were definitely people around me in serious pain, suffering. I can't help but think that some of them would not have been there if they only knew that THEY had rights as a patient and that no one, 'Dr.' or otherwise, should ever treat them with disrespect or disregard their health, feelings or well-being just because they were not wealthy, didn't have good insurance or any other reason.  Some people take their doctors' words as automatic truth because they are intimidated. It appeared to me that this Mr. Kabakibou knew plenty about how to intimidate patients, judging by the way I was treated - right in front of my husband, even!  Hey, maybe he's being so nice to you and your husband because you're paying off that large, outstanding balance! (Why risk that cash flow??) Think of the people who can't afford to pay, even over a longer period of time, who may not be so lucky as you.

Comments by GlindaWitch on 01/09/08, 1:37 pm

I am the original poster who called him arrogant that jennab*** decided that I must be the arrogant one in the situation b/c I felt sorry for some of the folks in the waiting room who may not be as knowledgeable about thier condition.  SugarMagnolia wrote it in a better way above 'would not have been there if they only knew that THEY had rights as a patient'....Now for the latest in the never-ending nighmare with this 'Mr.' K. (I LOL when I read that!!) I had an appt last Sat. but was unable to make the 60 mile round trip because I spent most of Friday night at Urgent Care with a raging bladder infection.  The meds for it made me dizzy, I had gotten little sleep and I needed to continue having a 'very' close relationship with a toilet :-).  I tried calling the office about 20 times prior to the time of my appt but the phones were never turned on.  I did leave a message on the 'If you cannot wait until the next business day to talk with the 'Dr.'....' voice mail explaining the situation.  I never recieved a call back.  On Monday I called first thing when they opened and explained again what had happened.  They told me the next available appt. was on Jan 22 - THREE WEEKS from then!.  I told the receptionist that I would run out of meds way before that date.  She said she would connect me to the 'prescription' dept. and I was immediatly disconnected.  I wasn't upset (yet) in fact I was near tears.  I called back and left a message on the 'prescription' dept. voice mail.  I called 2 more times that day and no one could (would) help me.  So, I found a different PM doc to begin seeing and on Tuesday I requested that my records be sent asap.  This 'Misters' office refuses to fax records opting instead for snail mail.  Again I said I did not have enough time...and the nurse actually said 'will you be out of meds?'  Seeing as they write a months worth at a time and I had missed my montly appt I thought that was a no brainer....but I still was not acting angry or upset - you know why?  Because I've read a few horror stories about this office NOT SENDING RECORDS TO OTHER DOCS thereby leaving me w/out a PM doc and probably without a job in the end since I will have zero medication for weeks!  So the nurse told me she would put my file on 'his' desk and that she would have the mysterious 'prescription' dept. call me to let me know 'IF' they could write a script to augment my med supply until I could get in with the new Doc.  Well guess what?  It's Wednesday at 2:30 PM and STILL NO CALL FROM ANYONE FROM THIS 'KIND, CARING, COMPASSIONATE 'DOCTOR'S' OFFICE'!  Now I am getting angry.  I have never in my life heard of a medical practice that did not have some type of contingency plan for patients who have emergencies and cannot make an appt!!  BTW  I've been a patient, paying my $25.00 copay for over a year and have NEVER missed an appt. before now.  AND YOU CAN SAY IN GOOD CONSCIENCE THAT THIS DOCTOR CARES ABOUT HIS PATIENT AND THAT i'M THE ARROGANT ONE?  PUHLEEZE!!!

Comments by christib on 07/16/08, 7:13 am

wow this board is full of ignorant people, I work in an ER and Dr.K is a real physician and is highly regarded in our world.

Comments by SugarMagnolia on 09/14/08, 6:06 pm

If you think someone is ignorant because they shared a bad doctor experience, you've got problems.  Oh, I see.... you work in the medical field.  (Can you say 'objectivity?' It's a good thing to learn.)  Well, you go ahead and regard him all you want.  I hope it gets you somewhere in life or in the ER.  Here's another good idea - why don't you tell him to come here and take a look at what some of his patients and former patients think.  Perhaps it would do him some good.

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