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Dr. Kamal Kabakibou

Pain Management
Atlanta, Georgia

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Center For Pain
Howell Mill Rd
Atlanta, GA 30327

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ELLIJAY,GA., 30540

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4 responses to this scorecard
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Overall score given by PaulaS on 02/22/08


PaulaS edited this scorecard on 02/22/08

4 responses to this scorecard

This scorecard was voted helpful -2 times

2006-2008 I'm sure any patient of any physician have had some bad experiences. I have. But I vehemently disagree with the negative comments here regarding Dr. Kabakibou. I am a patient of 2 years, not a friend. I have serious pain management issues due to a chronic illness I wish I didn't have.

I have had appointments with Dr. K and his physician's assistants quite a few times, many times accompanied by my husband. Dr. K's previous suite of offices were too small for him and his staff. There were formerly issues regarding long waits. Dr. Kabakibou moved to a very nice new suite in the same building late in 2007. Dr. Kabakibou and his physician's assistants have been caring, sensitive and always took the time to listen to my experiences and respond to any questions or needs. Dr. K is highly observant, a sensitive human being and a good listener. If his patients weren't treated as though we were important to him, Dr K would not have become the successful specialist he is, at the top of his profession.

I wish other MDs I've known were as compassionate and skilled at caring for their patients as Dr. K. I've known a couple who sound like the descriptions (supposedly of Dr. K) given by SugarMagnolia and Glindawitch on this site. If they had any serious issues with Dr. Kabakibou I'm sure they could have requested an appointment to talk about their concerns and he would have helped. That's the kind of person my husband and myself have seen in action. He's busy but he does care and pays attention to patients.

Be fair to your doctors. Discuss issues with them when you are unhappy with your care. They can't help you if you don't. Even the smartest MD is not a mindreader.

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This scorecard was voted helpful -2 times

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Responses to PaulaS' scorecard

Comments by SugarMagnolia on 02/23/08, 1:22 pm

Mindreading isn't the issue here.  This man was not interested in anything I had to say and was offended that I even wanted to ask questions about MY care.  His priority was getting to the next patient so he could collect that next payment.  I flatly told him that his 60 second evaluation of my predicament was unsatisfactory, but he didn't want to hear it.  When a patient expresses concern or has questions, the least a 'physician' could do would be to listen.  It was not in his interest to listen to me and my concerns and it was blatantly obvious to me and my husband.  He should open up a 'drive-by pain clinic.'  It would probably suit his agenda more.

Comments by GlindaWitch on 02/26/08, 8:08 pm

I 'vehemently' disagree with your assessment of my posts...'(supposedly of Dr. K) given by SugarMagnolia and Glindawitch on this site. If they had any serious issues with Dr. Kabakibou I'm sure they could have requested an appointment to talk about their concerns and he would have helped.' and
I DID voice my concerns and got nowhere.  At each and every appointment I filled out the 'pain chart' and checked the 'No' box under the 'Are you happy with your treatment.....' but not ONCE did Mr. Kabakibou ask me why I was unhappy with my treatment - A couple of times I indicated that I HAD sought treatment from another doctor for my condition, and on other occasions I would mark completely different body parts as the source of my pain on the 'body' pic on that form - to be clear: at NO time did I EVER seek additional treatment or medications - I was merely interested to determine whether or not these pre-appointment forms were EVER EVEN GLANCED AT by Mr. Kabakibou.   NOT ONCE was Mr. Kabakibou alarmed that I had disclosed seeking additional treatment and/or medications elsewhere (a HUGE no-no as stipulated in the 'pain contract' we all signed), and never did he ask why the source of my pain traveled from the lower half of my body to my head, elbows and ears!!

Let's acknowledge this comment of yours:  'Be fair to your doctors. Discuss issues with them when you are unhappy with your care. They can't help you if you don't. Even the smartest MD is not a mindreader. '  Do you honestly believe he even took a glance at one of my several erroneous 'pain charts'? They should have brought out Big RED warning flags from at least SOMEONE in that office.  If I was procuring duplicate medication I should have been denied further 'treatment' aka 'monthly pill mill script writing'.  When I voiced my concerns about his derogatory demeanor toward me and my concerns about my health and my his assistant PA AND to his WIFE Dr. Massoud, don't you think THAT deserved acknowledgment from Mr. Kabakibou???

Come ON Paula, you clearly have blinders on...How can you dismiss ALL of the poor ratings for this 'Dr.'?  It's not just SugarMagnolia and me - there are way more negative reviews on this website and many others about Mr. Kabakibou then there are positive.

I do take offense to your comment about my reviews indicating I may NOT be reviewing Mr. Kabakibou... quote from your post  '(supposedly of Dr. K)'.  Do you really think I'm making all of this up?  He must have you on some really wonderful meds if you really believe I'm reviewing a different Dr.!!

And, I will review a different Doctor now that I am no longer participating in the narcotic script mill that is Mr. Kabakibou's practice. more mention that his move to a bigger suite was to accommodate his current patient load and to aleviate the long wait times.  Let me tell you this, which was told to me by 2 different staff members...He TRIPLE BOOKS appointments EVERY SINGLE DAY !!  That means if you have an appt. time of do two other patients!  The key is to arrive at least 20 min prior to your appt. time so you get to sign in first, which means you will make your co-pay first, be seen first, and hopefully cut down on the parking fees!  Just a suggestion :-)

My new Doctor is a true professional! He is on time and instead of the cold setting of that icky office of Mr. K's, when the nurse calls you back you are led to a room with comfy, warm and inviting chairs, ambient lighting, and get this - they actually take your vitals at each and every appt!  I guess they like to know if your pain meds have spiked your BP into the stratosphere!  After that, the nurse sits in the room with you at the computer...each room has a everything is 'hand-written' scripts (I just had a horrible experience with my mail order pharmacy because Mr. K did not 'write' the script correctly so they had to contact his office for clarification....I won't go into detail, but suffice to say that getting the necessary information from Mr. K's office took TWO WEEKS!!  Unacceptable!!  The mail order pharmacy kept calling ME to find out what the problem was as most RFI's were resolved within 48 HOURS TOPS!

My new doc comes in nearly immediately after the nurse leaves and we chat for a few minutes about how I'm doing.  He has even offered alternative therapies for us to explore!!  He really listens to me and really 'hears' my issues/questions/pain.  I am so grateful to Mr. K for mucking up my last monthly appt, leaving me hanging in the wind in regard to WHEN I could get another appt - I was offered the 'next available' which was THREE WEEKS AWAY and I was due for meds at the time of the botched appt 3 days ago!

So Darlin, you just keep on looking thru your rose colored glasses....I'm certain you will encounter the same mal-treatment I and many others have endured...unless by chance you are very very good looking with a great body...only THEN will Mr. K 'treat' your illness and treat you with respect and dignity that should be afforded to ALL patients!!

Comments by ginagreene on 03/04/08, 1:29 am

In short, if he feels that you have something to offer or someone of importance you will get much better treatment. At the time of my divorce I joined the ranks of ordinary people and got 3 minute office visits like everyone else which was just fine with me, what is not OK with me is that I truly was not receiving care for my condition and I felt that my well being was not his priority. I agree he priority was seeing as many patients on any given day as he could (some visits he would have my scripts already written out and he would just hand them to me and I was done). I guess the convenience was the thing that kept me going back to him but I am truly glad that these incidents forced me to seek another doctor. (no matter how bad the new doctor could be, I know it would be an improvement over Dr. K) No matter what your health issues are you deserve under the care of a doctor who truly cares. And so like Glindawitch said get out why you can and give Dr. K the boot.

Comments by HOORAYFORDRKK. on 05/11/09, 12:47 pm


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