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Dr. K Saran

Sports Medicine / Spine/Sport injury
Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Prairie Trails Medical
Taylor Avenue
Winnipeg, MB

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(204) 452 - 7142

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Overall score given by ashe on 06/10/17


2005-2012 Dr Saran consistently blamed all problems on a blanket diagnosis rather than addressing them individually.   He did not give me a referral for surgery for Carpal Tunnel, instead telling me to stretch it.  As a result by the time the surgery was done it was so advanced that I could do nothing and had to have home care every day.  After surgery there was permanent damage to some of the nerves because we waited too long.  I was walking with a limp for years and often needed a cane.  All for a problem in my lower back/hip area.  He gave me exercises that just made things worse and yelled at me when I objected.  Finally I talked on line to a physiotherapist who isolated the muscle causing the problem and gave me a stretch to do.  Two days of properly stretching the muscle and I now do not need a cane 80 percent of the time.    He completely missed the problem and refused to diagnosis it beyond the disease I have.  I would not recommend this doctor for anyone, there are far more competent and caring muscular / skeletal doctors out there, and its worth the wait to get in to see them.

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