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Dr. K Saran

Sports Medicine / Spine/Sport injury
Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Prairie Trails Medical
Taylor Avenue
Winnipeg, MB

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(204) 452 - 7142

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as rated by me12388
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Overall score given by me12388 on 08/24/11


Not given Dr. K. Saran is not very aggressive in treatment or diagnostics. He often forgot to send referrals to other physicians or for tests. It was also very difficult to get treatment updates for my health insurance/provider as needed. It seems like Dr. Saran is either overworked with too many patients to care for or he does not have a great follow-through ethic once the patient leaves his office. One on one he has great bedside manner but your care/support ends as soon as you exit his office. Try Associate Sport and Spine Physicians (Dr. Stitz) instead. He's a gem.

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