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Dr. Joycelyn Maw

Internal Medicine
Middlebury , Connecticut

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Alliance Medical Group
1625 Straits Turnpike
Middlebury , CT 06762

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Overall score given by Megan56 on 02/15/17


Not given My mother presented to Dr. Maw with a growth on her leg. 3 weeks later, the office staff contacted my mother to 'get the Emergency Department immediately'. The office staff told my mother to enter the ER and they had the orders from Dr. Maw. The ER staff did not have any idea my mother was coming and we had no idea how serious this infection was. My mother had a large abcess on her leg that went undiagnosed by Dr. Maw. My mother was admitted to the hospital for surgery and IV antibiotics. This infection went all the way in to the muscle of her leg. It could have killed her. I contacted Dr. Maw's office staff and her nurse, Katie, told me that they are 'not handling her care any longer'. I have no idea what this means but she was rude and hung up on me. 

I do not recommend receiving care from this 'physican', she is clearly not interested in providing care to Seniors. 

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