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Vaccines Not Nutritious

Your body does not require: Aluminum, Mercury, Polysorbate 80, or Formaldehyde, yet they are commonly found in vaccines... Says Dr. Suzanne Humphries
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Dr. Joseph Millin Jr

Family Physician or General Practitioner
Sarasota, Florida

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1219 East Ave S
Sarasota, FL 34239

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Overall score given by Lrose on 07/02/07


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Not given I must admit that the waiting time can be quite long, sometimes up to an hour.  But Dr. Millin is very thorough and he takes his time with patients which definately makes up for the wait.  Where are you NOT going to wait at a doctors office?!  From my experience I have always waited for a doctor, and the visits were often rushed and I felt I wasn't being heard.  With Doctor Millin it's very different, he really listens and has a thorough approach to patient care.  He talks to you and really connects with you and makes you feel that your concerns are his concerns. I have chatted with other patients while waiting in his office and they all seem to agree the same.  Although some prefer a quicker visit, I think the majority believe and prefer quality care, which is what you will find with doctor Millin.

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This scorecard was voted helpful +1 times

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