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Dr. John Peloza

Dallas, Texas

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Center For Spine Care
17980 DALLAS PRKWY Suite 300
Dallas, TX 75287

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Overall Score
as rated by dwebb98
Year of Treatment
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Overall score given by dwebb98 on 11/29/12


In order to fix my back, they had to break it -- I knew that going in. I had several birth defects in my lower spine that caused scoliosis and pinched nerves. Parts of my left leg have been numb since 1994. I live in pain on a daily basis. Dr. Peloza was the only surgeon willing to take a chance and operate on my spine -- he told me it would be a big surgery, and he was right. It was 14 hours of surgery, with 22 days in the hospital and rehab hospital. I had to learn how to get out of bed, stand, and walk again. I had a huge brace to support my spine as it healed (fused 5 sections, added bone growth protein to replace missing and shattered bones). Some of the nerves have regenerated and others have not (there was a LOT of damage to some of the nerves). I had some issues with my left hip after the surgery, Dr Peloza tried different things to try to get the pain there under control, but ultiately, he had to operate again in the summer of 2012 (first surgery was summer of 2011). Dr. Peloza added several screws to the sacroiliac joints on both sides of my spine to stabilize them (I had messed them up about 20 years ago when I slipped down some stairs -- was pregnant at the time, and they did heal very well). I now have two steel rods and 17 screws holding the lower half of my spine together. I still have pain --- BUT, it is not as bad as it was, and it will never go away -- Dr. Peloza told me that up front, he said he could help, but the damage in my spine was severe and there was no getting around that.

Without Dr. Peloza, I would be in a wheelchair and in agony. Before the surgeries, it was to the point where standing was almost impossible, walking was almost impossible, and the pain was very intense all the time. Now -- I can stand, walk, etc.... might still end up in a wheelchair, but not for a long time. The pain is bearable, gets bad at times, but I can take what I have now versus what I had before the surgeries.

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