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Dr. John Baker

Gastroenterologist / Pediatric gastroenterologist
Plano, Texas

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Plano, TX

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as rated by EzyLivin
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Overall score given by EzyLivin on 11/09/11


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We went to John Baker in Plano, Texas from the recommendation from another doctor. Our child had been having digestive problems for 4 weeks and after waiting it out, we went. The first visit we waited in the waiting room for 30 minutes  ( we were the only ones there) and then waited in the examining room for over one hour. No apology was ever given. After giving our child's history, it was decided to first do blood work, followed by an ultrasound and then an endoscope. We waited 8 days for the test results to be given to us, but no one called us. We finally called and got results. We were told by the doctor that someone from his office would call us to schedule the ultrasound. After one week of waiting, no one had called us, so we called. The person we spoke with said that they would contact the hospital to set it up. After another week no one called, so we again called. No one apologized for the clear lack of care and concern for our child's health. After getting the results of the ultrasound, the staff finally called us to say we needed to come back in to the office, since it had been 30 days since the initial appointment. The lady, Cindy, said our insurance would not pay for any further procedures because of the 30 days. We called United Heathcare and they were amazed and confused at this claim. Of course they denied it and said they had no such policy. We called back Cindy and told her what the insurance company had said, and then changed her mind and said well then it is our policy. Spewing out angry words got them to schedule the endoscope without another doctors visit.  After finally getting the appointment scheduled, we were told to go to a specific hospital and arrive by 6:30 am. After driving 45 minutes to this hospital, we were told they did NOT have us on the schedule nor did they even have the doctor as being in practice there. After one hour someone finally realized that there was another hospital with the same name on the other side of Dallas. We drove there and waited 4 hours for the procedure. We were told to we would be given the results on Friday. The office called @ 1:55 and left a message saying to call and schedule an appointment to discuss the BIOPSY results. I called back @ 2pm, but the office was closed! The entire weekend we worried about the findings. Why on earth would you leave such a message for already worried parents? The following Monday we called and scheduled an appointment for Wednesday. We went to the appointment, however chose NOT to take our daughter out of school, since she had already missed so many days. The doctor refused to see usOR to give us, the parents the results of the biopsy. Again they claimed the insurance would not pay, so in front of the office staff we called United Healthcare and they said of course they will pay. The office staff refused to talk to the insurance company saying they didn't have to and after all, it was their policy once again. We are unsure of our next step or course of action against this doctor and his staff. I would STRONGLY you to seek another doctor and save yourself much heartache, time, and money.

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