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Dr. Jodi Shields

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Tampa, Florida

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13020 North Telecom Parkway
Tampa, FL 33637

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Overall Score
as rated by Mcmom93
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Overall score given by Mcmom93 on 12/10/12



Dr Jodi Shields was rude, inconsiderate and lacking in any basic compassion. She did not knock before entering and consequently opened the door while I was changing and proceeded to stand there in the open doorway talking to me. While I had my shirt off!
I was very uncomfortable and do not trust her judgement. She had me get a steel plate to put in my shoes that weren't even for what she said was supposedly wrong with my foot. She didn't listen to me. Performed a basic exam and spoke rudely to me most of the time. I wish I had thought to find reviews before I went.

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