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Dr. Joan Resk

Alternative Natural Medicine
Roanoke, Virginia

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5303 Clearbrook Village Lane
Roanoke, VA 24014

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Overall score given by KittenPoo on 02/26/12


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Dr. Joan Resk - greatly overcharges. Even charges me for lab work that
was agreed upon to be her responsibility, as she was the client for the lab,
and I was her patient. I had already paid Dr. Resk for the lab work. But she
did not pay the lab. This bill was later passed on to me by a debt collector
who was ordering me to pay a bill that I had already paid for, through Resk.
I had to resolve this matter myself with the lab, who then agreed to send the
bill to Resk, where it rightfully belongs. I feel that there seems to be something
very unethical going on here.
Also any extra supplements that she put in my IV (without my permission)
were $100 a piece. That was an extra $300 + $150 for IV = $450.
In addition, the blood sample that she took from me was $2000, not $150 as
some other places would charge
All in all, this was without a doubt one of the most truly unpleasant and expensive
experiences of my entire life. 

In addition Dr. Resk was very cold and callus in regards to a very sensitve life 
threatening illness situation. She seemed to care much more about getting
her payments, than for having compassion for me and my overall very difficult

This has all been my own first hand personal experience, and I and my family were
deeply and profoundly affected by it all.

I do not wish to complain about, or harm anyone. But it was felt, that this situation
and information needed to be brought forth for others to know.  

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This scorecard was voted helpful +1 times

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