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Your body does not require: Aluminum, Mercury, Polysorbate 80, or Formaldehyde, yet they are commonly found in vaccines... Says Dr. Suzanne Humphries
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Dr. Jeffrey E Wong

Alexandria, Virginia

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Alexandria Urological Associates
2616 Sherwood Hall Ln
Alexandria, VA 22310

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Overall score given by WMarsh on 04/11/08


WMarsh edited this scorecard on 10/30/08

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I was appalled to see the negative comments about Dr. Wong.   I have been a patient of his for many years and my experience with him has been nothing but the best.  Dr. Wong has been nothing but professional and provided me with exceptional care.  One of the few physicians that take the time to explain everything to me.  He removed my kidney and saved my life.  The kidney tumor was cancerous.  The only question that I have is why didn't that man sue Dr. Wong if all of those things happened to him.  Here is his website:


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Responses to WMarsh's scorecard

Comments by admin on 04/17/09, 9:25 am

The following comment was submitted by an anonymous user.  I am copying and pasting the comments on their behalf:

It has been said that doctors are judged by how many they save, not how many they maim or kill.  So, if you are one of the lucky ones who has been saved---lucky you.  What about those who have been sacrificed?  Are you not appalled by that?  How many sacrificial lambs are too many?  Keep in mind, doctors are paid to not make mistakes.  Thousands of flights take place every day, but when one plane crashes people are horrified by that one little mistake.  Now consider that medical errors are the fourth leading cause of death in the US.  Now are you appalled by the comments of one of Dr Wong's victims?  Why should the victims be silenced?  What if the victim was someone you loved?  The medical industry is filled with incompetent and unethical doctors.  Search more Websites--check out ''.  Is that not appalling behavior for a physician?  What should we expect from the doctor that we pay to 'save' us? 

Comments by villi on 04/17/09, 2:40 pm

Dr. Wong, even if (hypothetically) an organ you decided to remove from some other patient turned out after the fact to have been cancerous, the fact remains that removing a person's vital organs without verifying beforehand that they need removal is a very stupid thing to do.  Botching the surgery on top of that already horrific error just puts it over the top.  You should find another, less dangerous, line of work.  And no one is fooled by this fake scorecard you made for yourself.

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