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Dr. Jeffrey E Wong

Alexandria, Virginia

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Alexandria Urological Associates
2616 Sherwood Hall Ln
Alexandria, VA 22310

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Overall score given by 123wong on 09/28/09


1 responses to this scorecard

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Not given Because of the lack of cleanliness of Dr. Wong's office, I incurred major infections that put me into the hospital a week after my vasectomy. He blamed me for the infections (doing too much after the procedure), when I did nothing for the 3 days following. When I requested a follow up visit, he put me on antibiotics and said I'd be fine within a few days- 1 day later, I was admitted to the hospital and a 2nd opinion told me that I had a horrible infection that needed treated immediately. Dr. Wong became defensive, rude and unwilling to admit that he had anything to do with what happened. I would not recommend this urologist to anyone!

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This scorecard was voted helpful +1 times

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Responses to 123wong's scorecard

Comments by noako on 06/06/10, 1:40 pm

You are right about the idiot doctor jeff wong.  He's a Moron and most likely the worst doctor on planet earth.  We need to publish his misdeds on the web.  Thanks for doing so.  His mistakes put me a hospital where I was tube fed for 14 months.

  Go to:  www.MedicalDoctorRatings.Com 

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