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Dr. Jed Laughren

Orthopedic Surgery
Nanaimo, British Columbia

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Nanaimo, BC

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Overall Score
as rated by Kate17
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Overall score given by Kate17 on 09/19/17


Not given Today my husband was seen at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital for a follow up appointment after surgery to repair his left hip after falling in his Longterm Care Home with no staff around when this happened.  They monitored his pain overnight.  I then was called to meet him after he was taken to the Emergency Department where the nurses cared for him and X-rays were taken and a broken long bone was found just below his hip joint.  As my husband has Alzheimer's Dementia I try to be with him as his speech has become compromised.  I waited all day, but as I have Type 1 diabetes I had to go home to eat.  NRGH closes the cafeteria at 6:00 p.m.  Dr Laughren telephoned me at 10:00 p.m.  To tell me of my husband's break and that he planned to operate when he could get OR time the next day to make my husband as comfortable as possible.  My husband was discharged from the hospital after 3 days, but without any therapy as Acute Care Nurses do not have the time or the patience to understand dementia or explain what is needed.  
Today Dr. Laughren was so good to see my husband, John (Ian) a little late as the Medi-Van did not arrive when booked and then showed me his wife his X-ray showing his brand new hip - Superb.  I thought he had a pinning procedure -  no way just brand new and solid.  Thank you Dr. Laughren for all your kindness and patience.

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