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Plastic Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery
Beverly Hills, California

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Dr Jay Calvert, MD, FACS
120 S Spalding Dr Suite 3340
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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(310) 777-8800

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69 responses to this scorecard
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Overall score given by Lislie on 05/07/12


69 responses to this scorecard

This scorecard was voted helpful -2 times

2009 Kay Calvert is a liar. He commented on a negative review by DEFORMED FOR LIFE BY JAY CALVERT. Calvert writes that she is not his patient. SHAME Jay Calvert the Liar. This is his patient & proof is on the His patient provides documents showing that Jay Calvert is the surgeon. She is your patient. Calvert is trying to disassociate himself from the butchered job he does. He forgot things inside patient. I am patient too & he did his worst on my nose.

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This scorecard was voted helpful -2 times

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Responses to Lislie's scorecard

Comments by tjcountess on 05/09/12, 12:49 pm

Have you spoken with your Psychologist about your need/desire to continue this rant.  As you can read for yourself on the Ripoffreport there was a retraction by the supposed victim.  Get a life and move on to bigger and better things in life.

Comments by daduff001 on 05/09/12, 1:17 pm

When forced to either put up or shut up as regards her allegations, the alleged 'victim' had to shut up (i.e. the retraction).  The same is likely going to happen to you as well - in looking at your incredibly poor use of English, grammar, and spelling, I cannot conceive that you will be able to put up anything when forced to substantiate any of your allegations.  Accordingly, you will undoubtedly be forced to shut up as well.  

Comments by jaycalvertisafraud on 05/13/12, 2:10 am:

It’s so completely obvious to anyone with even the slightest common sense that’s Dr. Calvert’s positive reviews and immediate, scathing rebuttals are not written by actual patients.  They are completely false and obviously written by Dr. Calvert himself and people under his direction who clearly have no conscience. It’s quite clear based on all the frank, negative reviews, most of which disappear very quickly, that Dr. Calvert is seriously harming patients and terrorizing them with lawsuits and threats to scare them into silence.  There have been numerous online reviews about Dr. Calvert’s egregious acts of fraud, but they are always quickly removed under the threat of legal action by Dr. Calvert.  Thank goodness for!  Dr. Calvert is a pathetic person and terrible being!!!  It appears that Dr. Calvert will stop at nothing to hide the truth about him.  Dr. Calvert should have his license revoked and he and his cohorts should be investigated, arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Comments by jaycalvertisafraud on 05/13/12, 2:18 am:

It’s so completely obvious to anyone with even the slightest common sense that’s Dr. Calvert’s positive reviews and immediate, scathing rebuttals are not written by actual patients.  They are completely false and written by Dr. Calvert himself and people under his direction. It’s quite clear based on all the frank, negative reviews, most of which disappear very quickly, that Dr. Calvert is seriously harming patients and terrorizing them with lawsuits and threats to scare them into silence.  I’ve seen numerous online reviews about Dr. Calvert’s egregious acts of fraud, but they are always quickly removed under the threat of legal action by Dr. Calvert.  Thank goodness for!  Dr. Calvert is a pathetic person and terrible being!!!  It appears that Dr. Calvert will stop at nothing to hide the truth about him.  Dr. Calvert should have his license revoked and he and his cohorts should be investigated, arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Comments by Logo on 05/13/12, 3:29 pm:

I think dr Jay Calvert is an amazing Doc!I came extra from Europe to fix my revsion rhinoplasty...everybody who knows this doctor would really doubt that the above statement is true.His reputation Europe is good,as a German Doctor recommended me to him.I don t think
my german doctor would recommend me somebody from far america unless he is really good.I just can say i am very happy with my result!!!!!smiley

Comments by VictimsSPEAKout on 05/13/12, 7:29 pm:


Calvert is a criminal  surgeon and world will know.

Calvert is the surgeon who butchered this patient. You can not shut anyone up who speaks the truth.

daduff: you are a LIAR. The proof is available on internet. You are a sad person. You need to get a life. TJ your opinion does not add any value to the issue> your words are like static noise. Your words are of zero value- no added value- nothing- your words are meaningless.

Look up other reports. I have seen many other negative reports such as placing wrong size breast implants, disformed facelifts, scars, horrible nose jobs, one patient stated the his hands were shaking when marking the patient at the surgery and list continues.

Truth is out- Do not let Jay Calvert work on you.

Comments by nargel on 05/16/12, 5:22 pm:

Dr Calvert is a very honest and helpful Doctor.
I know him since 3 years as a patient and he fixed my big persian nose and did other treatments on me.I am very happy to have found him as i went to 6 other doctors but he was the one i chose.His confidents and before-after pictures on his website covinced me that he is the right doctor and he proved it to me with fantastic results.Well done Dr Calvert!

Comments by zeldie on 05/22/12, 11:52 pm:

Uh, yeah, sure thing, tqgucci25.  Calvert, you moron, posting these fake reviews to try to discredit your victims just makes you look more pathetic than you already are.

Comments by !!!! on 05/31/12, 12:30 am:

My condolence to the patient. Wishing you best & better Dr. I was staff of Calvert. 

To tqgucci25: you were a staff of Calvert in back office. You have no life but a waste on this site. Shall we mention how a man peed in you, got you pregnant & beat you up when he realized that you were sleeping with other men. He beat you up to end the pregnancy. You were giving birth to bastard daughter & he was on his honey moon with his wife. When you gave birth he did paternity test!! Jealousy is eating you out. Father of your bastard child is a terrorist Bamahdi. You should concern yourself with issues of your senior citizen status. Ylets not forget your trailer park status. You were used like garbage bag for men & now you are too old stick with Bengay to keep you warm. Face it tqgucci25 you are ugly & no man want to go near you or your STD

Comments by !!!! on 05/31/12, 12:32 am:

My condolence to the patient. Wishing you best & better Dr. I was staff of Calvert. 

To tqgucci25: you were a staff of Calvert in back office. You have no life but a waste on this site. Shall we mention how a man peed in you, got you pregnant & beat you up when he realized that you were sleeping with other men. He beat you up to end the pregnancy. You were giving birth to bastard daughter & he was on his honey moon with his wife. When you gave birth he did paternity test!! Jealousy is eating you out. Father of your bastard child is a terrorist Bamahdi. You should concern yourself with issues of your senior citizen status. Ylets not forget your trailer park status. You were used like garbage bag for men & now you are too old stick with Bengay to keep you warm. Face it tqgucci25 you are ugly & no man want to go near you or your STD

Comments by !!!! on 05/31/12, 12:49 am:

To tqgucci25: i was employed by Calvert. And you were a staff of Calvert in back office. I do you like how you are treating the patient. Shall I explain who you are to the reader. Tqgucci25 you were a street walker a hooker. Who has bastard children from different men Omar & David. The first was on his honeymoon when you were giving birth to his illegitimate daughter & Second who used you like hooker & walked out. But must say that your Exs say that you do awesome job in cleaning toilets ( great scrub). Take care of yourself at your old age. You being a senior citizen is good for you. Remember that you live off leftover & trash of others. You are a sad thief & senior hooker. 

Comments by graffy on 07/07/12, 1:28 am

I didn't believe the other reviews about dr. calvert being so inept and such a liar, but they were very accurate. Be smart and stay away from this fraud doctor.

Comments by daduff001 on 07/07/12, 10:13 pm

Somebody off their medicine?  I have seen some pretty outrageous comments here before but these latest take the cake.  Better check in with your doc

Comments by pinksweets on 07/08/12, 2:33 am

Well, I randomly came across this site and decided that there morons in the world than I had originally thought. 

I am a patient of Dr. Calvert and am extremely pleased with the sincerity and compassion he puts into his work. I am still in my healing process and I have been shown the utmost care and compassion from him and his staff. Prior to choosing him as my surgeon to perform my rhinoplasty/septopasty/fracture correction, I did my research. 

My boyfriend had his rhinoplasty done by Dr.Calvert about 6 years ago and his nose looks wonderful.When i first met my boyfriend,  I couldn't even tell that he had work done because it looks so beautifully natural. I also viewed his curriculum vitae as well as reviewed some of the professional research journals that he had contributed to. I totally believe that he is everything he has presented himself as and more. I'm not fully healed yet but I can already see the beauty of what my results will be.

I am proud to say that Dr. Calvert is my plastic surgeon! :)

Comments by grettajames on 07/16/12, 1:02 am

Jay Calvert ruined my nose and face.  He’s an awful surgeon and very corrupt.

Comments by meganbird on 08/01/12, 12:51 am

I agree with the negative comments.  Dr. Calvert is the worst surgeon and an unbeleivable con artist.  I regret the day I ever met this slimy doctor.  He ruined my nose functionally and cosmetically.  He rips off insurance big time.  His medical license should be revoked!!!!!

Comments by dianapence on 09/03/12, 12:35 am

I had a disasterous rhinoplasty with Dr. Jay Calvert. He completely ruined my nose. I look like a damn female boxer now! He told me he was doing diced cartilage which he said he invented. Such bs. He cut out all my cartilage and my nose collapsed! He is the worst surgeon in the world in my opinion.

Comments by Jellybaby on 09/07/12, 10:44 pm

I an also a patient of Doctor Calvert....This man is one of the most accomplished surgeons around....He performed a rhinoplasty on me that is quite simply perfection..He is in a league of his own,which in itself makes people envious and jealous...I was maimed by a surgeon in Chicago and I literally became a recluse..Having been duped once before I was extra vigilant in doing my homework..Straight away when I saw Doctor Calverts website,I saw that he had actually revised patients also maimed by this  guy in Chicago....I knew immediately he was the man for the job,I also spoke to some of his patients and requested to see before and after photographs...I owe Dr Calvert a depth of gratitude for saving my face..I am so offended by these malicious posts,because in essence you are calling me and everyone else  who has had a positive experience with Dr Calvert a liar... How dare you!!!

The best thing you can do is put your straight jacket back on and go back to your padded cell,as it was obviously a physicarist you needed and not a cosmetic surgeon...

Comments by veradez on 09/19/12, 1:18 am

I, too am a patient of Dr. Calvert. My experience was not good. Dr. Calvert touts himself as a rib graft revision ps, but I have a big and painful scar on my chest.  I am sorry that I ever went to Dr. Calvert.  He made a mess of my body, my nose looks very bad with complete asymmetry which I didn't have before and I now have major breathing problems.

Comments by Potluck on 09/19/12, 6:23 am

I personally believe that this is someone being paid to post these malicious comments  about Dr Calvert..Iwill say again I was butchered by a surgeon ( ENT) in Chicago..I became a recluse because this guy had no idea how to perform a rhinoplasty,the results were hideous..Dr Calvert was able to operate with finesse  using Rib as he is a skilled surgeon.I joined a site to get some support after I was botched by the guy in Chicago and there were Internet trolls on there being  paid to bully off real patients..So this is probably an envious so called surgeon paying some idiot to post..Personally I think we are all giving this unscrupulous individual too much attention by responding..Doctor Calvert will always be envied because he is a superb surgeon and human being,that's what makes him unique,AND HIS REACH WILL ALWAYS EXCEEDS HIS GRASP...Thank you Dr Calvert

Comments by tomford on 09/19/12, 7:09 am

Here we go yet again!
 Today at one pm, my sister Pam has a appointment  with Dr. Calvert,
she way supposed to have had surgery yesterday by an ENT!!!
i told here to please see Dr Calvert . And that she would more than likely
need a plastic sergeon, to fix what the ENT would do!
 This is my only sister, and I love her! I would never allow ANY One to hurt
her! To all the people who say these craz y and nasty things about Dr. Calvert
you really give calvert too much power!!! Do you really think if these aligations
were true Dr. Calvert would have already been sued ?
 He deals with many rich and powerful people, specialy Lawers and actresses
whos lively hood depends on there appearance . He surely would have been stopped 
by now. He can't ' pay off every one! Who ever you are I think you have the hots 
for calvert! If you can't post thenshut up! If I were Calvert I would sue you for the
damage you are trying to inflicted onDr. Calvert! So please post your before and
after photos. This Man has a wife and children to support! He is not going to continually 
hurt or threatin pacints as you say! Most of the posts here are from real paicent who
have had a great experience with Dr. Calvert and are loyal to him!!! Before I saw this man my
foce looked like some one let the air out of it! Now I look years younger! People don't believe yhat
I am 50 years old! You need to stop! No one
believs you! Post your damn pics or go away. It's getting old

Comments by tomford on 09/19/12, 7:35 am

Ps I totally agree with potluck and tgucci25
Dr. Calvert is very young and successful and has achieved so much .
maybe an other surgeon who has lost paicents to Calvert is jealous .
is paying you! But, please remember you are the one who posts and refuses to
show any photos ! This makes you accountable for the posts!
I can clearly see that if you are attracted to  him ( and what woman wouldn't be as he is a very
handsome man) you might be joe fixated......enough really.
next month I see Calvert for male chest reconstruction and chest implants! ( yes these really
exsist. I wouldn't keep going back if he had screwd any thing up . As I have already statedin a previous review that when I went in for a totally different proceedure, he noticed my nose
did not look as good as he wanted and HE asked me as long as I was under could he do a little more work on it. I thought it was fine. But, he is a protectionist.

If he was 
so greedy and such a asshole then why would he be fixing what I thought was already
perfect! Dr. Calvert found out that I could barely afford my facelift and that I was clearly depressed over this. He then lowered his fees is I could. Does this really sound like a greedy
money hungry man??? He can only do one facelift a day! Again truly a generous man
who gives so much to his paicents to him we're family and He is very greatful for his paicent 
Refurals and return paicents.
he also volunteers his time on Monday's to the VA hospital on Monday's .
and does a lot of surgery on deformed children that HE pays for!!!
does that really sound like a real ass hole??? If he does than I would interested in seeing what a true ass hole is to you!

Comments by Potluck on 09/24/12, 5:27 am

All I can say about the previous comment is..WOW!!!  I think whoever you are or whatever you are you need Therapy..Such vitriol and malice in one human being I feel sorry for you,to be eaten up by so much jealousy and hatred.That last post is what one would call overkill,we clearly have a mentally unstable person behind these malicious posts.Dr Calvert damn the begrudgers and keep doing what you are doing ..You are a first class surgeon and human being..Thank you ..From a greatful patient

Comments by bhgal on 09/27/12, 3:56 pm

CALVERT IS A LIAR, CHEAT, CROOK, THIEF AND THE WORST PLASTIC SURGEON IN AMERICA, MAYBE THE WORLD.  Calvert, this pathetic low life who somehow got a medical degree, gave me horrible, horrible, horrible results for the bargain price of over $20,000 PLUS he billed my insurance provider another $60,000!!!  Did I mention that his results are horrible?  He totally ruined my nose and breasts.  The right side of my nose has compeltely collapsed and I can no longer breathe out of my nose!!!  I have big, ugly scars on my chest from his radical breast aug and incompetent rib graft.  Don’t believe any of his phony reviews that claim Calvert is good at anything.    If you want an ugly nose and body and you are into suffering and being ripped-off, then look no further.

Comments by daduff001 on 09/28/12, 11:47 am

Here we go again - do you think you can be even remotely credible when you come across as literally rabid and make such absurd claims.  This is exactly what happened to the supposed 'patient' on the ripoff report - they were taken to court and were unable to substantiate the same kind of wild and almost psychotic rantings.  And I am sure that you saw the retraction that this supposed 'patient' was forced to post on the

You have now entered the same territory - you have obviously crossed the First Amendment line of free speech and sunk into the sewer of libel and slander.  Do you have any proof of these claims - any before and after photos, and records detailing the supposed billings, anything?  You can always black out your face to retain personal privacy on the photos.

If not, then don't be too shocked if Dr. Calvert takes the same kinds of legal action against you as he did with the other supposed 'patient'.  You can make all of these wild and unsubstantiated claims here but it will be a whole different ball game in a court room - then you will have to put up some evidence or shut up entirely (with an legal judgment entered against you of course).  Just like the 'clown' on the ripoff report

Comments by tomford on 09/28/12, 11:59 am

Is my speaking  and writing English  all you can come up with?
As for being a fake pacient, I have provided real pics on calvert site.
where are yours? Greetings from India ! 

Comments by angelesangel on 10/01/12, 6:55 pm

To the 3 reviewers above: I am considering Dr. Cavert for my revision rhinoplasty.  My previous surgery did not give me the results I wanted.  I'm just over 1 year post-op.  I'm also considering Dr. Littner, Dr. Soliman and Dr. Frankel.  I've read mostly good reviews about Dr. Frankel but I have not met any of his patients.  Can you please post your before and after pictures for me to see and your email address so I can contact you?  My fiance would also like to get some liposuction on his abs and we're thinking of doing this at the same time.  With much appreciation, Angel 3>

Comments by Potluck on 10/02/12, 6:32 am

Hi there if you want to see before and after pics of my rhinoplasty..I am on Dr Calverts website..I have given him permission to show anyone my before and after pictures...That's what I did,I contacted the Doctor I chose in this case Dr Calvert and spoke to patients who had the same procedure I was looking for,I also asked to see pictures ...The office people there are very friendly and will put you at ease..That's the way I chose my surgeon for my procedure..I wish you well in your future decision..

Comments by angelesangel on 10/02/12, 4:59 pm

Much thanks to both of you.  I've seen very mixed reviews about Dr. Calvert but and I am trying to make the right choice.  I met 2 other ladies through other online forums who had revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Calvert both using rib, which is what I was told I need because my cartildge is very flimsy.  One of these ladies told me her results were okay cosmettically, but she said they were not great or what she expected and she was very unhappy with Dr. Calvert's office for sending her large bills after the surgery.  She said they are trying to collect on a large insurance claim that she never authorized. The other lady was very unhappy wuth her surgery.  She put her pictures on for me to see and they looked really bad. She said she's had to go for 2 more surgeries to try t fix it and she said she wishes she never went to Dr. Calvert.  She told me not to trust the pictures on any plastic surgeons website because they are retouched, use special lighting and always show women with no makeup pre-surgery and professionl makeup post surgery.  I asked Dr. Calverts office a few times over the past few weeks if I can speak with actual patients and they politely told me that they would call me back with names, but they never have.  The last time I called they said they can't provide me with any names because of privacy laws.  I told them to provide my name to anyone that would be willing to speak wth me and they said they would, but I have not heard from anyone.  I'm so confused!  Can you post your pictures on flikr (I don't need to see your boobs, just nose pics, lol) and you can remove it after I've seen them.   You can black out your face if you like. I just want to see your noses and your brother's nose.  My other big worry is that people say that Dr. Calvert sued his patients and that scares me. I don't know the full story, but it seems very unusual for a doctor to sue patients.  I looked it up online and it seems very legit.  I hope these were all just rare unlucky cases, but I'm not havign much luck finding anyone I can speak with who was really happy with Dr. Calvert.  If you are willing to, I'd even speak to you on the phone.  Much thanks once again for your help and any pictures you can share.  Angel <3

Comments by Potluck on 10/03/12, 7:57 am

Dr Calvert is excellent with rib..Any negative reviews you read on Dr Calvert is the work of someone trying to destroy his reputation...He is so  good at what he  does he is obviously a threat to someone who is jealous of him..

Comments by Danilanner on 10/03/12, 9:21 pm

Angelesangel - can you pls e-mail me regarding Calvert? Many thanks.

Comments by Potluck on 10/10/12, 12:04 pm

I am not a buddy of Dr Calvert..I am. Patient...You are wasting your breath..Dr Calvert is obviously a threat because of his expertise...Whoever you are GET LOST!!!

Comments by Potluck on 10/10/12, 12:04 pm

I am not a buddy of Dr Calvert..I am. Patient...You are wasting your breath..Dr Calvert is obviously a threat because of his expertise...Whoever you are GET LOST!!!

Comments by Potluck on 10/10/12, 12:14 pm

You are doing genuine patients a disservice by posting your lies and trying to confuse people..The truth always comes out,and you are obviously being paid by whomever to spread your ignorance on the Internet..In effect you are using the Internet as a weapon...Anyone who is sincere and looking for surgery will  request that the Doctor they choose shows them their before Nd after pictures and gives them names of people who have had surgery...This is what I requested of Dr Calvert and this is what he supplied and Imade my decision on this...Why should anyone post anything on the Internet for you...Go Away!!!!

Comments by daduff001 on 10/10/12, 3:36 pm

To angelesangel - you can see my before and after photos at
I am the very first one (upper left corner).  The photos don't show a huge difference before and after but that is what I wanted - nothing too obvious.  The main difference is in the tip of the nose - before there was a large amount of cartilage (I had a bulbous nose).  If I put my finger on the tip, it would flatten and literally look like one of those boxers who has had their nose flattened one too many times.  Dr. Calvert removed the excess cartilage and inserted something (a strut graft I think) into the tip of my nose so now it stands rigidly and does not flex like before.

The photos are not very good but, if you look at the frontal photos, I think you can see how bulbous the very tip of the nose was before.  And I think you can see the large amount of 'flaring' on the sides of both nostrils.  In the after, you can see the pretty significant reduction in both of these aspects.  You can't see too much with the side view photos but you can see the repair he did to my septum - my baby son threw his head back one day and literally broke my nose.  The deviation in the septum would cause me to suffer sinus infections regularly - after Dr. Calvert's surgery, I have not experienced a single sinus infection and it has been maybe three years now.

I hope this is helpful in your decision - as you can see, I am an actual patient and I am very pleased with what Dr. Calvert did for me.  I am planning another procedure with him in the near future - liposuction.  Feel free to contact me directly if you wish - my email is

Comments by tomford on 10/10/12, 11:52 pm

With all the horrible reviews on so many sites, no one will say exactly what Calvert did!
whats up exactly? 

Comments by bethellen on 10/17/12, 10:31 pm

STAY AWAY FROM DR. CALVERT!  Dr. Calvert left me with a dime-sized hole in my septum during a routine rhinoplasty.  I've spent a small fortune to have other doctors try to fix his mess. This is not just a cosmetic problem.  I can't breathe properly or without pain.  Trust me, yu do not want this to happen to you. I can no longer sleep or work.  I am not a fluke case.  I'm insulted that Dr. Calvert goes on these review sites to pretend he's a happy patient instead of admitting that he messed up and tying to help patients.  He's nice until there's a problem and then he leaves you in the dust.  Stay away from Dr. Calvert.

Comments by misshelen on 10/17/12, 10:44 pm

Has any one of the patients who have had bad results asked Calvert to fix the problem? The paper work that I signed when I had my surgery stated that if there were problems Dr.Calvert and his staff would work with me to insure healing and the proper out come. I have read the great reviews and the worst. I had a great Rhinoplasty with calvert no problems. I want my breasts done. Now I am concerned about going back! I've seen so much good work from him. Now I'm trying to figure out who I could go to now. There are some very unhappy patients here,but also some extremely happy ones! I don't know who to trust.

Comments by calletajones on 10/25/12, 6:07 pm

I am a 100% real patient who fell for Dr.Calvert's charm. Instead of doing what we agreed to, this pathetic asshole Calvert ruined my looks and scammed my insurance, leaving me in permanent physical, emotional and financial agony just so he could scam money out of insurance.  I hope he gets caught.  Beware to all -- Dr. Calvert pretends to be various happy patients on the review boards and he always asks people to send pictures so he can sue you, just like he's done to other patients.  My advice is to stay away from this 90210 wannabe scam artist.  Don't take my word for it, do your research. It's easy to find out for yourself what a bad doctor he is.

Comments by beckysue on 11/24/12, 6:50 pm


Don't believe any of these fake, glowing reviews abut Dr. Calvert!!! He pays someone to write them and writes many of them himself.   Dr. Calvert is a terrible surgeon. Truly the worst of the worst. He completely ruined my nose and botched a mini-facelift. I am far from alone. He sues his patients if they ever write anything negative about him online. He has damaged and disfigured may patients. Check out his lawsuits at the Los Angeles Court website. He pretends to be happy patients and writes fake, glowing reviews about himself on all the review sites. He illegally bills cosmetic surgery to insurance for outrageous amounts of money without the patient's knowledge and he collects! Do NOT let him perform surgery on you!

Comments by tomford on 12/17/12, 11:58 pm

Well another surgery with Dr. Calvert last week. Male chest reconstruction and Silicone implants. My chest was uneven and concave...embarrassing ! To say the least. One week post opp I am still swollen but I can already see a deep cut, firm, full and flat chest. Looks like I live at the gym. Thank you again Dr. Calvert, you are five stars!!!!

Comments by daduff001 on 12/18/12, 12:50 pm

Hey, tomford - are you going to permit Dr. Calvert to post your before and after photos on his website?  I did - if you look back in these comments, you will see who I am and will be able to find my before and after photos on Dr. Calvert's website.  Doing something like that provides the most powerful rebuttal to these lunatics who are bashing Dr. Calvert for whatever twisted agenda that they have.  I can understand if you might be reluctant - just thought I would ask.

Comments by tomford on 12/19/12, 12:24 am

To daduff001. Yes I am. I am already on his website under just for men. Facelift male. I am the first man in the black suit on the top left hand side. Full facelift neck, cheek implants brow lift  and a great rhinoplasty . Dr. Calvert did my chest reconstruction on Monday December tenth. My before pics for that will be shown. My chest so uneven and caved in due to many many nerofibroma removals I looked like a roast chicken. Dr calvert put silicone chest implants in me. Although still very swollen I can clearly see a defined chest with a deep cut. When the swelling is gone (3) months the after pics will be shown. Dr. Calvert also teaches and I allowed this entire surgery to be filmed. ( I trust him without question ) if your in the office and curious ask him to see the film. As you know he is a amazing surgeon and a first class human being!
I'm not reluctant at all after what Calverts done for me it's the least I could do. Best of luck to you and happy holidays.

Comments by sallysimz on 12/20/12, 1:57 am

To tomford: I looked at your picture on Dr, Calvert's site.  You look like a pedophile.  No wonder you get long with Dr. Calvert.  Please stop with the fake glowing reviews about Dr. Calvert here and on all the review sites. it's illegal for you to write fake good reviews about Dr. Calvert. I know he pays you well, but he makes that money by screwing people with bad surgeries and stealing insurance money. My sister is one of his victims. Grow a conscience and get a job.

Comments by daduff001 on 12/20/12, 9:54 am

Before photo with striped white shirt and no tie - and after photo with pure white suit and tie?  I am sure that is you - you must be EXTREMELY happy with those results!  Your before and after results are much more dramatic than mine and I am more than pleased (you must be ecstatic).  Anyway, thanks for sharing - if enough of Dr. Calvert's real patients were to 'weigh in' like you and I have (i.e. identify themselves to show their actual before and after results), it would very effectively dispel (and expose) those people posting fraudulent claims.  One thing is for sure, I don't see any of the them identifying themselves and/or showing their supposedly negative results.  I think that pretty much says it all as regards any credibility on their part.  Thanks again.

Comments by Potluck on 12/20/12, 10:36 am

I agree  with you daduff001...I am also an extremely happy patient of Dr Calverts,my picture is onthe rhinoplasty board.He performed a miraculous job on my nose that had been destroyed by a clown in Chicago....If someone is a genuine patient they will go to a surgeons website make an appointment to see the Doctor in question and speak to previous patients..That's what I did with Dr Calvert and that's why I chose him...Apart from his wonderful expertise he has a compassionate heart and that's what sets him above and beyond the rest...I amsick and tired of this odious pond life's malicious comments,whoever it is should be in jail for the disgusting and disparaging remarks about a wonderful Octor and genuinely greatful patients..Cyberbullying at its worst..I hope there is a way to find out who this TROLL is and have them held accountable for their actions....

Comments by tomford on 12/20/12, 10:15 pm

To daduff001,Thank you and yes I'm very happy! Dr. Calvert deliverd more than I expected.I let him show my pics and give my real name because he is worth it and has done a lot for my selfesteem. If I had any concerns what so ever dose anyone really think I would allow Calvert to film my chest surgery? Certainly not. Yes when the swelling gos down he is welcome to post those as well. Now it looks like the cyberbully is on my ass now. Wow !!! I will run her comments by Calvert myself next week when I see him. I know his lawer can find out who she is just like he found out who the other slanderous patient was. Then I will go from there. She now is going after Dr. Calverts patients! Any way your pics look great too.

Comments by daduff001 on 12/20/12, 11:54 pm

To Potluck - can you be more precise on which photo is yours on the Rhinoplasty webpage?  It would be very interesting to see your before and after photos especially since this is a revision rhinoplasty which is even more difficult than a first time rhinoplasty.  If you are uncomfortable doing that, no problem of course.  But if you agree with me and tomford about Dr. Calvert and would like to help discredit this lunatic who is maligning him, it would be very useful to add yet another satisfied client who is willing to show and tell so to speak.  :)

Comments by daduff001 on 12/21/12, 12:07 am

To tomford - did this nut case contact you in some manner?  She contacted me also - and I talked with Dr. Calvert about her as well (which you should definitely do as well).  If you would like, you can email me at - there I can give you my phone number and we can talk about what she said to the both of us.  This person is going way beyond any expression of free speech and potentially devolving into online criminal activity (online stalking is no less of a crime than physical stalking).  Dr. Calvert did indicate to me that he knows who she is and I think his civil actions against her may be completed by now - apparently she has been 'in hiding' from being served legal papers.  I guess that pretty much says everything about her - hiding from the potential consequences of her illicit actions.  

Comments by tomford on 12/21/12, 2:33 am

Yes daduff001 I would l like to speak to you ( thank you) I will be contacting you. I believe this is the women who in front of Orla Stuart  Dr. Calvert assistant asked Calvert if she could be his misstres. She was discharge my calvert right away and told not to come back! That is approx when this slander started. You ate right she has been hiding out  and avoiding being served. She has said much, much worse about dr. Calvert on yelp and other sites. Accusing Dr. Calvert talking about his patents by name and making jokes about them. You and I and many others know this is untre. Calvert has been nothing but kind to me and my family and friends. He deserves respect. This woman is the same one who writes all these bull shit reviews under different names. Thank you for your candor and honesty. I look forward to talking with you. Sincerelyr.ichael Jay Houston.

Comments by tomford on 12/21/12, 2:45 am

Sorry I got cut off I am Michael Jay Houston . Not atall intimidated. By giving my full true name. I live in the city of orange in orange hills! I have been a real patent of Dr. Calvert since December of 2008. I have nothing to gain a out lying about being his patcent. Oh and as douche bag has pointed out I am a gifted English major LOL

Comments by Potluck on 12/21/12, 12:31 pm

Hello Daduff001........My photo is the first picture top left on the first page of Secondry Rib Graft Revision...I will be forever greatful to Dr Calvert for his skill expertise and warmth as a person...If I ever need any further surgery Dr Cakvertt will be the man to do it....I have even clearer photos to show,I'm not sure how to load them onto this site,but I will ask my Son who is a whizz kid on the computer to help me post them....My name is Debbie Vansworth and I am also a real patient of Dr Calverts...All I can say is God bless him....

Comments by tomford on 12/21/12, 8:09 pm

To daduff001,
i tried to reach you online and could not. I see Dr. Calvert next Friday at three pm. Please call the office and leave a message how I can contact you or leave your phone number with Cerissa  or Orla. They will see to it that I receive your confidential information. Thank you. The very best holidays to you and your family, Michael Houston.

Comments by daduff001 on 12/22/12, 1:15 pm

My number is 520-360-2857 - the nut case already found it somehow and called to harass me as well (not that I could give a ____ ).  Call me anytime you want

Comments by anonymouspa on 12/22/12, 7:33 pm

This message is for the previous same 3 “patients” (tomford, daduff001 and potluck) who ALL magically always seem to be sitting in front of their computer at the very moment a bad review  about Dr. Calvert is posted and they immediately jump into action to attack those real patients.


First of all, its highy unethical and maybe even illegal that Dr. Calvert is sharing patient information with you.  It's certainly a violation of HIPPA. I used to work for Dr. Calvert and  he does this quite regularly. It makes some patients feel chummy with him, but most find it very unnerving.

I also personally know the patients in the pictures who you claim to be.  Why don’t you all put up a link to your FaceBook pages with pictures of yourselves……. real ones, not pages you create today.  Then, if it's realy you, post something nice on your facebook pages about Dr. Calvert.  I bet you can't and you’ll use some excuse, like “you don’t need to prove anything to me,” you can’t because “you have no FaceBook page with pictures.” Prove me wrong.

As a former staff member at Dr. Calvert’s office, I can tel you that the only crazy person around here is Dr. Calvert.  I mean that literally.

I also know fake positive reviews when I see them and I see them and I know fake negative reviews when I see them.  I know who real patients are and who they are not.  

I have not seen a single false negative review, but nearly every “good” review about Dr. Calvert is faked and not written by real patients.  They are always written in the exact same voice, all with the same lame claims, same grammatical and typographical errors but all claiming to be different patients who have had different surgeries.  Potluck is the same person who writes them.

You are indeed correct that Dr. Calvert’s lawyer is the first number on his speed dial.  Dr. Calvert wants to immediately sue everyone who says anything bad about him.

I think there needs to be a law that requires disclosing this to patients should know this before they agree to see him.  If people knew the real Dr. Calvert and how litigious he is, they would neve see him, even if he was a good doctor, which he is not.  It makes Dr. Calvert crazy to see bad reviews because even though he knows they are true, he wants nothing more than to preserve and protect a false reputation as a good plastic surgeon and he’ll do it any way, he can, like through online manipulation and patient intimidation rather than actually be a good doctor.

There are just too many patients and so much fraud at his office and he can no longer hide it.  In fairness, he does have a small group of patients who like him, as any doctor does, no matter how bad they are.  It’s a typical mix of over-the-hill, or duck-faced Orange County and Beverly Hills women who have lost their looks and in many cases, their marriages.  Occasionally an unknown D-list pretend actor will show up.  Dr. Calvert loves to brag about these 'stars,' but in reality no real celebrities ever go to Dr. Calvert for any type of procedure.  Everyone who knows him can't stand him, except for the few little groupies, like you boys.

When I worked for Dr. Calvert, there were happy patients, but there were many, many unhappy patients.  Too many to remember.  It was very difficult to sit idly by and see what he was doing so I eventually left, but others refuse to speak up and even lie to protect their jobs, although we all made a lot of fun of Dr. Calvert for doing this.  Even Dr. Calvert’s colleagues make fun of him. He has a nurse anesthetist who was having a troubled marriage and she used to tell us the most unbelievable stories about Dr. Calvert and what he does.

Dr. Calvert always asked us to let him know if we came across any bad online reviews.  He said told us he just wanted to know so he could 'work it out' with the patients. What did he do?  He immediately filed lawsuits against them.  Stupid move not just because they were real patients with valid claims, but also because everyone found out and it hurt Dr. Calvert's reputation more than anything he ever could ever have done.  He just doesn't get it.  He uses a marketing company called reputation dot com to hide bad reviews.  He also writes his own fake good reviews.

Dr. Calvert is obsessed with his online reviews and checks them all the time, often several times per day.  He is obsessed with how many “friends” he has on FaceBook and its true that he pays a marketing company to get fake friends and Twitter followers.  You used to be able to see his “friends” are all in Bucharest.”  Dr. Calvert does not know anyone in Bucharest, nor does he have any patients from Bucharest.  But that’s where the fake followers and likes come from.  He is driven by his own insecurities.  He knows hes a bad surgeon so he tries to compensate with smoke and mirrors.

Dr. Calvert was fretting for the longest time about not having enough friends on FaceBook so he paid a company two times to buy them and literally overnight went from about 200 over the course of years (mostly other doctors) to 1600.  They are all fake.  He did the same with Twitter, but he went overnight from about 300 followers (also mostly other doctors) to over 60,000!  Many have since dropped off, but he’ll just buy more.  Aside from his professional ineptitude, Dr. Calvert is the most insecure man I’ve ever met.

The happy patients are usually the ones who have no social lives, kind of loser-ish and often fall in love with their doctors.  Tomford, Daduff001 and Potluck, I’m sure you’ll tell me you “don’t have to prove anything to me,” and you’re right, but anyone who reads these posts believe that you are all fake until you prove otherwise.  I know daduff001 (aka Michel Houston) and he is one of those socially awkward people, addicted to plastic surgery and feels like Dr. Calvert is his first real doctor “friend.”  (I have to admit that Dr. Calvert is actually good at making people feel 'special' which is how he hooks most of his patients).  I don't know Tomford, but he sure sounds like a fake reviewer or just plain nuts.  Potluck is not only a fake reviewer but the same fake reviewer form reputation dot com who posts fake reviews on every website.  Again, prove me wrong and I'll persoanlly call you to apologize and Ill post a public apology here.

My friend still works with Dr. Calvert.  She told me that Dr. Calvert was recently blaming review sites and reputation management companies for writing the bad reviews and trying to extort money from him. What a laughable joke.  She personally knows all the patients he's hurt.  THe review sites don't care about Dr. Calvert except that he abuses them by posting so many fake reviews that they all suspend his account.

If you 3 “patients” are real and you really like or care about Dr. Calvert, try to convince him to stop abusing narcotics and to take a hiatus from plastic surgery to recover.  He's putting people's lives and health in jeopardy.  He needs to go back to school and learn a few things, like basic surgery and ethics.  Tell him that money is not all that matters and that he’s decimated people’s lives just to buy his fancy little Tesla sports car and to be make people think he’s rich and famous and can drive in the HOV lane (he loves to brag about that). Tell him that suing patients that he damages and then trying to discredit them as being “crazy” is a horrible thing for  those patients and their families, especially when they were totally normal when he accepted them and he was more than happy to take their money. Tell him to stop making up fake reviews and then his accounts won’t all be suspended. (have you tried posting a new scorecard here?  His account is always suspended for “suspicious activity.)  Tell him that everyone laughs at him and makes fun of him behind his back for all his insecurities, his lies and how bad a doctor he is, but we never let on just so we can keep our jobs.  Tell him he’s reaping what he sowed.  Tell him that committing insurance fraud with nearly every patient is unethical and illegal and that hiring people who do it with him makes them all even worse people.  Tell him that people laugh at him when he brags about all his supposed celebrity friends and his “degree” in molecular biology, which every high school student gets in 10th grade.  Dr. Calvert just doesn’t get any of this. He lives in a bubble.  

But I know he’s reading this right now, so hopefully some of it will sink in.

Oh, and regarding one of the patients he’s suing that he says he is talking you about (which is highly unethical, by the way)?  He now claims she has mental issues. I met this patient.  She was totally normal prior to the surgery.  Plastic surgeons are not supposed to take patients if they suspect they have any psychiatric or psychological issues.  If ther is any hint f crziness in her, its because Dr. Calvert made her crazy by doing what he did to her and then suing her.  Ask Dr. Calvert to see her patient chart (seems like he has no problem sharing confidential information, even though it is a violation of HIPPA) and you’ll see she has no history or indication of any mental, psychological or psychiatric disorders written on her chart.  It means that Dr. Calvert was inept and missed it or maybe she’s just another normal patent who he badly hurt. It’s the latter, by the way. Like I said, I know the patient.  He really messed her up badly.  

Dr. Calvert uses the fake excuse that a patient is “crazy” every time he mangles them.  This should be against the law.  What a coincidence that so many patients turns 'crazy' after Calvert operates on them. He knows that people believe him because he’s a doctor.  It's scary.

If you really want to help Dr. Calvert, you should convince him to seek psychiatric treatment.  He needs it badly.

You all need to stop this ridiculous review board. Nobody is reading these except for Dr. Calvert, you fake reviewers and the people Dr. Calvert has hurt.  You’re doing them a great disservice.  I now work for an honest and ethical doctor, and it’s a refreshing change from the fraud and incompetence that I experienced while I worked for Dr. Calvert.

Comments by tomford on 12/23/12, 2:25 pm

To the author of the very last post, please ask to be my friend on Facebook .Identify your self as Calvert worker of some possible way I can know for sure you wrote this post or worked for Calvert. If I can verify who you are and you also have recent pics of yourself on your Facebook site I will then ' friend you' and you can see my pics. And you can private message me.

Michael Houston.  (aka) tomford. 

Comments by tomford on 12/23/12, 7:45 pm

anonymouspa, well your letter or post I have to admit is much better this time. At least you were not cruel and excessively nasty. You were indeed insulting to me calling me awkward . The term I would have used is done. After working years and year in retail and as a Flight Attendant you will please forgive me if I'm through with the 'moonlight and magnolias' approach to life. I'm tired and feed up with people in general. As for being in love or having a crush on Calvert, that must be it...I sit by the phone waiting for that call that will certainly tell me he needs me! Are you shitting me with this? I am a openly gay man who has been in love with my 'husband ' for the last twenty years! We have been through so much together . I am on this site under 'woofman' and 'tomford' I added tomford because I could no longer log in as woofman. As for you cruel intent to humiliate me by indicating that I am illiterate and can't speak English is just rude and unkind. Those comments help no one. As a Flight Attendaint I could not use any kind or narcotic pain meds what so ever! Would you really want your Flight Attendant loaded? I have to use a drug called Topamax. It by no means helps with my migraine headaches but very much keeps them from coming on ( thank god). The side effects are wieght loss ( very cool). And some serious ones like short term memory loss and cognate function . That really sucks because things like people's names ( even those I see often) spelling and math and forgetting things are part of it. Your comments in those posts contained no information what so ever about Calvert. Only dehumanizing remarks how is that helpful? You say you know who I am in one sentence and the next you say you don't and we are all fakes. tomford is the username I chose for this site. Obviously I am not the real Tom Ford who is a accomplishd designer. I am who I said I am Michael J Houston. You have not only seen me in Calverts office but, have spoken with me many times. I have a right to express my opinions about anything I see fit as long as there true. When someone has to endure a disfiguring disease there is the physical pain and worse the emotional pain. I have told everyone about my having nerofibromatosis . Please google search this and see what this dose to people. Sometimes I feel so bad about myself because if this beauty compelled world. No one wants to feel old ugly or unwanted. The comments you made are beyond cruel . What you said about ' over the hill' women and the like are just nasty. I am not Calverts paid groupie . I'm an not unrealistic either. I have a chronic and ongoing disease I have to get a MRI with contrast every year to make sure there are no brain tumors developing. I also have a very extensive eye exam every six months because these tumors grow anywhere and fast! I could go blind from this or get a brain tumor. The tumors continue to grow on my arms, legs, chest etc. because the grow on nerves they are sometimes very, very painful. Dr Calvert can not remove them all, it's impossible. I have felt so bad about these for years and had my first surgery when I was ten years old. Dr. Calvert has treated me only with respect and compassion. These surgeries are painful. Dr. Calvert has removed very large ones and left only a slight scar and smaller ones leaving no scars. How would you like to live your life wondering if the 'other shoe will fall'? Every year in the MRI tube I wait and wonder is this it or am I lucky again. When I finally think less are growing on my body a whole new area appears, it can kinda crush you wouldn't you think? I have seen other plastic sergeons that have told me they just can't help me it's too much surgery and many surgeries , that I should just face the music and ' man up'. Calvert makes very, very little on these surgeries yet he still dose them for me.he also dose it for people from my support group as well. He and a other Dr at his office did a surgery that THEY both paid for on a little girl that was horribly disfigured . That's the kind of man Dr.calvert is and the people he surrounds himself with. So you make innuendos about feelings I may have for Dr. Jay Calvert, you hit the nail right on the head! It's called gratitude . What he did for my face and nose is amazing. If you say you know me then there is no way you can say those pictures are not me or that's not my real name! This is no longer a medical report site but a Dr bashing site and now patient bashing site! If Cavert reads these he is just a man, how could it not hurt him? He dose more for people than most Drs and all these constant terrible remarks. He and his staff have always treated me very well. You insult me very much because the people I refer to him are family and close friends who I care very much for. I would never recommend Dr. Calvert if I had not had such great results from him. I would like to apologize to some of the people that have posted very negative reports on have your rights as well. I'm a better man than that so if my smart ass rebuttals have hurt or embarrassed any one I am truly sorry. Please understand in no way do I apologize for my reviews or comments about Dr. Jay Calvert. He is exactly what I said he is. A gentle man and a gifted surgeon. I see him for my follow up this next Friday. I sincerely wish everyone on this site the very best this next coming year. Please be sure to check out your plastic surgeon or any surgeon before you decide to go through with any thing. See at least three. As for me I'm happy with dr Calvert and his staff! Good luck to all of you, Michael Houston 

Comments by Revenge on 12/23/12, 9:08 pm

I just found this site and I have been going to Dr.Calvert for years and have sent many very satisfied friends to him for work and they ALL are very happy with his work...I am no fake Calvert review.  Anonymouspa you sound like a bitter sad old lazy ugly hag who can't find anything better to do then insult patients who have had work done and are happy with it. You say you use to work for Calvert and now work for a real doctor that's a joke. Did you go to school this time to call yourself a PA or is that another lie. God help any doctor who hired you. Your last post made me laugh so much. Get a life! 
If anyone else is on here looking for a real review of Dr. Calvert then here is a real one. This doctor has helped so many people and is a Wonderful surgeon and his work on people show's it.  This is a site for doctor reviews not for unprofessional ex employee's to blab on and on....Anonymouspa maybe you need to get some mental help! I thank God your an ex employee who the hell would want to be around such a fucktard!  Sounds like its time for your Meds! Better yet open a vein and put us all out of misery!!! NUTCASE!!!!!!


Comments by Potluck on 12/23/12, 9:26 pm

Hello Tomford,I would just like to say that was a beautifully written piece from the heart..I'm sorry you are going through  such a difficult time and I am glad you have found Dr Calvert to help you...Like you I am happy to have found an accomplished and caring surgeon..Here's to a wonderful Christmas and New Year for all of us...D Vansworth.

Comments by tomford on 12/23/12, 11:07 pm

To potluck, Thank you the very best to you and yours, Michael

Comments by JULIAF74 on 02/03/13, 11:10 pm


Comments by carriefever on 02/08/13, 11:42 pm

I agree with you.  Jay Calvert should be barred from practcing any kind of surgery.  The small number of kooks who like him deserve him and sound mentally challenged.  I guess they can relate to each other.

Comments by tomford62 on 02/11/13, 5:37 pm

Alright, tomford62 shall now replace 'tomford' as this site would not recognize my pass word. That being said, this is addressd to the people who continually reference Dr. Calverts reviews on ' ripoff report' if you log on you will still see the negative as well as some good reviews. Dr. Calvert was recently investigated by ripofreport at his office. ripoff report that no wrong doing was found against Dr. Calvert. ripoff report has validated Dr. Calvert as a safe and competent surgeon. As for the allegations regarding litigation against Dr. Calvert there is none. ( I checked the court house). These people who ' magically just happen to be in front of there computers at the exact time a negative review is posted, then jump to Calverts defense are notified by a email just as everyone is who chooses that option. It's pointless to go over and over the name calling ( it has worked so well for you ). The people who identify themselves as patients and are willing to give names and show real before and after pictures are then attacked! With dehumanizing remarks. That only point out spelling errors and typographical errors. Slander Dr. Calverts patients and calling them liars! The people who post the negative reviews absolutely refuse to show pictures. They ask patients to link to there Facebook account regarding Dr. Calvert. When I publicly asked the person of that vitriol post to please ask to be my friend so I might prove to them who I really am!..... I'm still waiting! People please don't choose any surgeon only by reviews, meet the surgeon and ask to meet there patients. If there any good they will let you. So again I ask the person(s) who write such terrible thing to please identify yourselves! You truly make yourself look bad by attacking Dr.Calverts patients. Please keep your comments or accusations to yourself! You refuse to prove any of them! Any way how's my spelling and grammar ? I was tutored by my imaginary Indian 'off shore ' writer. Dr.Calvert has no such litigation against him. His practice continues to grow regardless of what you say and how you say it. This would not be possible if he hurt anyone. Enough disparaging comments geard to Dr. Calvert patients, please keep only to the facts! Broad statements mean nothing give me exacts!

Comments by daduff001 on 02/11/13, 10:19 pm

Well, here we go again.  This posting is mainly in response to anonymouspa on 12/22/12, 7:33 pm (and not all your other fictitious screen names).  Unlike some other people on this website, I do have a life and don't spend my time babbling insanely on the internet.  In direct counter-challenge to your challenge about providing my Facebook link - well, here is it:  dennis.duff1.  In it you will see my photo and can compare it to my before and after photos on Dr. Calvert's website - (I am the very first one (upper left corner).  

You will also see Dr. Calvert in my list of friends.  So we are back to the exact same question 4 months ago, anonymouspa, are you EVER going to provide any proof of any kind regarding your ridiculous allegations against Dr. Calvert?  Or are you just going to keep on babbling like some rabid lunatic?  If you continue to babble in this manner without providing any kind of proof, your credibility is (and should be) essentially zero.

And of course, if you ever come out of hiding and have to answer for your slanderous allegations in a court of law, you will then be forced to retract all of your ridiculous allegations just like the other idiot on the RipOff Report.  It would be totally justified for Dr. Calvert to come after someone like you to make you back up your allegations given their slanderous nature (and your apparent inability to provide even the slightest hint of proof or evidence).

You now have my name, my phone number, my email address, and my Facebook - everything I have said is for real and demonstrated with proof and evidence.  Are you ever going to provide anything to demonstrate any shred of credibility on your part?  I think that's probably enough said - will now just wait and see.

Comments by hameed on 02/11/13, 11:57 pm

daduff001 and  tomford62  proofed that they had a good experience with Dr Calvert
and are happy with their results and share it with us.That is totally fair and correct.

but people like anonymouspa show without proof that he or she is not credible without any proof,so the chance that somebody believes you is like ZERO.

So i agree with daduff001  that anonymouspa needs to show sth in order to be credible.
To make false accusations to somebody is a crime....

Myself i had a very good experience as well with Dr calvert as he has fixed my big persian nose and i am happy with the result...unfortunately i am not on Dr calverts before and after pictures but need to do new photos very soon.

Comments by Potluck on 02/12/13, 2:33 pm

Obviously to anyone who has half a brain Anonymouspa is the ONE person writing the malicious posts agains Dr Calvert...We are obviously dealing with a narcissistic sociopath...To give credence to anything she has to say is akin to allowing the lunatics take over the asylum...Dr Calvert is an amazing surgeon and I am so glad I found him.....Once again Thank you Dr Calvert for giving me my face back.....

Comments by PittsburghNY on 04/21/15, 8:08 pm

Here's a question people need to ponder: why did Jeffrey Wynn Szem change his name to Jay Calvert?  Ask the doctor himself.  Ask him about his days back in Pittsburgh, PA.  These are facts:
Dr. Calvert was charged with insurance fraud.  He was NOT 'exonerated ', the case SETTLED before it went to trial.  His staff bills insurance and then charges the patient for the cash price (typically higher than other plastic surgeons who don't bill insurance). He gets paid up front by the patient, then gets paid by insurance, and keeps BOTH payments.  Very sleazy.  Too many odd things about him... Especially his name change, even after he published research papers in his old name, Jeffrey W Szem while at Pittsburgh during his residency.   He puts on a great facade but something doesn't ring true with him.
it was Jeffrey Szem who graduated from Cornell Med school 1994, not Jay Calvert.

Comments by daduff001 on 04/25/15, 12:49 pm

Somebody obviously isn't very familiar with criminal law - 'settling' only applies to civil law cases. What happens in criminal law in not going to trial is that there can be a plea bargain (admission of guilt), a plea of 'nolo contendere' or no contest (also essentially an admission of guilt), or simple dismissal of the charge or charges.  I don't think that PittsburghNY would be able to demonstrate any instance of either a plea bargain or nolo contendere - from what I have seen in the news and online is that the charges were simply dropped by the prosecutor.  But maybe I'm wrong - wide open to any evidence to the contrary PittsburghNY.

And I did a quick Google search on Jeffrey Szem not knowing if Dr. Calvert well enough to ascertain if he indeed had a name change.  The only thing I could find connecting Dr. Calvert to Jeffrey Szem is a patent application listing four co-authors - Calvert, Jay Wynn, Intellimed LLC, Szem, Jeffrey, and Greenthal, Steven Michael.  This can be confirmed at

If anybody has any problem linking to that URL, just contact me at and I will copy and paste it in email (cannot copy and paste here for some reason).  But it kinda looks like Jeffrey Szem might just be another individual as I do not think the U.S. Patent Office would publish two names for the same person - but I cannot be sure as it is the government after all. 

Comments by TruthIsOut on 05/11/15, 9:57 pm

Jay Calvert or Jeffrey Szem rapes his female patients while she is sedated and after surgery. He tries to get her pregnant. He is a pervert. Jail awaits him and hopefull he will get raped in jail to taste his own crime. 
To the constant rebuttal by Jay Calvert's wife and daughter. Jay Calvert is sex addict and criminal sexual offender. He RAPES his patients. He is sowing his wild oats with his sedates patients. 
And to his staff and assistent in the rape is his back office Ex-employee Phoebe, an old woman in her early 60s with yellow eyes. Jay Calvert hired a company to clean his reputation and drug and assault his previous patient because she spoke the truth. If you want to be raped while drugged then go ahead and book an apointment with Calvert. The company that he hired obtained fraudulent signature and finger prints of his patients and fabricated evidence to the court of law. All fraud. 

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