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Dr. Jaswant Pannu

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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Pannu Laser
4300 W Oakland Pk Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33313

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Overall score given by 2006LASIKGoneBAD on 06/20/06


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Jaswant Pannu did all of my 'lasik followup' from Nick Caro's 'Disastrous Lasik Procedure.'  I am very displeased with Jaswant in that he wasn't forthcoming nor honest about what really happened with my lasik procedure.  Because Jaswant did not come out and tell me that Nick Caro's procedure was at fault for my eyes being permanently altered and damaged, I was told by both of these two doctors that ' is your eyes, they just healed differently...wait up to 6-7 years, and then you will know what you're left appears to be slowly getting better...just give it a little more time...'

Anyway, in my opinion, Jaswant can not be trusted, nor is he someone that will do what's in the 'best interests of the patient.'  I am so sorry that I went to either Nick Caro, or Jaswant Pannu of  These two, in my opinion, destroyed my life, lied to me, and I would not recommend either of them for anything!  More on this story:

I hope you do NOT choose Lasik, because there are many other procedures out there to consider, that do NOT create a LIFELONG FLAP, that never heals back to normal!  Permanent corneal nerve damage is done, thus not getting the message back to the brain from the eye 'to send more tears and moisture,' and many thousands and thousands of innocent people are and will suffer from 'dry eye syndrome' induced by Lasik, because doctors such as these two could care less about patients, and more about the BENZ's or BMW's!!  This is the truth!!  Sometimes it hurts, but it is the truth and I'm not asking you for a credit card or anything except that I hope that you will be smarter to realize what we are all saying about Lasik!  Stay clear!   It can be deadly and many people have gone blind who were told 'they were the perfect Lasik candidate!'

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This scorecard was voted helpful +1 times

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Responses to 2006LASIKGoneBAD's scorecard

Comments by MrSpeeDy on 01/07/11, 3:15 pm

Thanks for posting the info on this doctor.  I was hesitant of going to see this him since he advertises alot on the sports radio stations that I listen to.

I can tell that this is an honest posting.  I hate doctors that are just out to make a buck rather than to treat their patients with the utmost care.

I cancelled my appointment.

Thanks again.

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