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Dr. Janet Dunlap

Oceanside, California

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3905 Waring Road
Oceanside, CA 92056

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Overall Score
as rated by herniateddisc
Year of Treatment
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Overall score given by herniateddisc on 02/14/12


2012 Dear Dr. Dunlap,
I was reffered by Work Partners I knew it will be Hell if you are reffered by Work Partners to this doctor please reschedule to another.
1)She only took the MRI to prove I was making a story up, MRI came up herniated disc on low back.
2)She stop treating me and put me on no bending and twisting forever with no meds or any future visits.
3)I complained about my shoulder, she gave me a smug and told me it's not an accepted claim. so i went to VA to get an MRI torn tendon on shoulder.
4)Arm with MRI from VA, I went back to her thinking she would now see me and write a statement about my shoulder....NO she writes I never complained and that my pain Diagram was Squicky clean. she only showed me a couple or 3 Diagram and insested nothing was there told her i saw and X she said 'nope.' and wrote to OWCP that I was never hurt on my shoulder from the fall.
5)She said I was positive on marijuana and later said it was negative.
6)Something is really worng with this doctor and after you get Physical Therapy your going to get injection but only once, cause whe thinks it will not work if you tried it once.
7) Bottom Line if you want treatment for your back pain with no surgery and your using Workers Comp Avoid and Dr Dunlap. 
8)Not only that she will not follow up on any pain other pain you have she will also cover her track. Bring a hidden cam if you can.
I have a Herniated disc and torn tendon on my shoulder I complained about my Back and I thought My shoulder pain would go away once i thought it was permanent I told her and the result was tragic not a disaster it's tragic I could end up with this pain forever and out of pocket since my private Insurance will not take the bills if it's work comp.

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