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Dr. Jane Daniel

Ob/Gyn (Obstetrics & Gynecology)
Fort Myers, Florida

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1570 Colonial Boulevard
Fort Myers, FL 33907

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Overall score given by jemar707 on 01/30/08


1 responses to this scorecard

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I selected Dr. Daniels for my OB/GYN care for my third child.  I liked her laid back style and genuine caring tone about my situation and care.  I very much liked Jessica and Angela in her office and enjoyed being greeted with a friendly smile and greeting every time-- it was as if they knew and cared about you and family, you weren't just another patient.  During the birth of my son, Dr. Daniels took the time for my son 12 and daughter 11 to participate and learn about the whole process- it was amazing!  Although apprehensive, she made them each feel comfortable helping to whole my legs, count while I pushed cut the umbilical cord and even described and showed them the placenta.  This may seem gross to others, even me writing it, but it was an awesome once in a lifetime experience for my children and Dr. Daniels made sure to make it memorable and precious for all of us.  She then treated me for post-partum depression and was great about listening to my concerns and adjusting medicine.  I would have reccomended her to anyone!

This all came to an ABRUPT ending a few months later.  It is costly to have a baby and tubal ligation even with great insurance coverage, I had a balance due.  As a single mom of three on a limited income, I made a good faith effort to bring my account to a zero balance by making payments of $60 at each visits on top of my regular co-pay.  My account was finally at a low balance of $130.  $100 of which, the insurance company was still processing payment for, leaving me with simply $30 due.  2 weeks ago I had a followup scheduled for my post-partum drpess which is a very serious condition---I was having emotional flareups and looked forward to speaking with Dr. Daniels to possibly adjust my medication.  However, surprising enough, before my visit, when the receptionist verifies your address/insurance coverage, she addressed my balance and asked how much of a payment I making.  When I indicated that I couldn't make a payment until my paycheck came in 2 weeks, she she stood up and walked to the back.  I awaited....wondering what was going on.  I indicated that I could only pay the copay that day, but would be able to pay the $30 balance on account in 2 weeks when I got my paycheck.  She stood up and went to the back as I stood and waited... for what, I didn't know...  When she returned, she indicated in that 'kindergarten' tone, I'm sorry but 'she' said you have to reschedule your appointment if you can't pay the balance!!!!

First of all, I didn't know who 'she' was.
Second, it was $30.  Hello, t-h-i-r-t-y, dollars!!!  On my limited income and great payment history, they couldn't see me over thirty flippin dollars!!!
Further, was it appropriate to have the receptionist addres this?
Could someone have called me prior to and let me know this was the case, rather than put me on the spot and embarass me???  Im not that proud to not even have $30 in my pocket and certainly don't want to discuss it in front of others let alone a receptionist!!
Moreover, it was follow-up for POST PARTUM DEPRESSION!!!
Helllllo again, maybe the staff there never heard of those women who drown and smother their kids because of this disorder????  They had no idea what condition I was in at that time, which I might say was not good and that didn't make it better.  Thank god I wasn't one of those women and had no intention of harming me or others, but I was certainly on the brink of nervous break down.  I could see it now on the nightly news 'doctors office refused post-partum depression visit over 30 dollars and woman goes beserk'.  lol.  I can laugh now because I'm feeling better.  But when I left, I had a panic attack on side of road becauseI was so upset by the event. 

I then went to a walk in clininc, who wouldn't see me because they had not provided the post-partum care originally.  They referred me to a hospital ER, who again gave me pushback about going to my original OB/GYN.  When I explained the story over and over, they couldn't believe I was turned away and guess that Dr. Daniels wasn't even aware of the situation.  To sum it up, I spent the entire day, mostly in tears, trying to find a doctor or someone to talk to simply switch from one anti-depressent to antoher!!! And was unsuccessful, because of 30 FLIPPIN DOLLARS THAT 'she' (whoever was in the back) demanded that I pay.  I called other OB/GYN who gave me the same runaround, you need to go to a 'PHYSCHIATRIST', or 'GO BACK TO YOUR OB/GYN'.  It was absolutely ridicolous and uncalled for.  Finally I scored an appointment wiht a primary care physician 4 days later.  I managed to pull myself together for those days and finally have CYMBALTA!! woo hoo... I feel better now, but still think the standard operating procedures of Dr. Daniels office needs examined!

Like I said, I loved Dr. Daniels, Angela and Jessica- they were awesome.  I don't know 'who' was in the back, but I didn't care for that person to much, or the receptionist who was like the guard you needed to pass before seeing the doctor.  So I suppose if you don't have issue with $, I'd give Dr. Daniels Office an A.  But beware of 'she' in the back.

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Comments by Kymayte on 04/22/16, 10:28 am

'She' in the back is Dr. Daniels. Some patients she'll see if they have a balance..others she won't. 

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